3 Netflix Shows You Should Stop, Drop, and Binge Watch

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With my master’s degree almost done, the period of loan deferment I’ve been enjoying is quickly coming to an end. In anticipation of this new bill, I’ve been brainstorming ways to either earn more money or cut costs so that I can more or less continue living the lifestyle I’ve been living. For many reasons, including the need to pay for my student loans, The Boy and I have decided to end our relationship with our cable provider. The company we’re currently with has been awful and is ridiculously over priced so this is a cost I am excited to cut. However, I’m a TV junkie. When I really think about it, I watch so much TV I should definitely have a degree or certificate of completion. So despite getting rid of cable, I still need to be able to get my fix! Thankfully, I’ve discovered that Netflix has a ton of original series AND entire series of some of the best shows to ever be on television (in my opinion). So for anyone fed up with their cable provider, looking for ways to save money, or like me is always looking for something new to watch, here are 3 Netflix shows you need to stop, drop, and binge watch! (more…)

The Best 4th of July Recipes

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4th of July is a little under a week away! For many Americans, this day is not only a day to celebrate our nation’s independence, but also a day to gather with friends and family. Most All of these gatherings are bound to include food and whether you are a guest responsible for bringing one dish or the host who needs to come up with an entire menu, I’m sure by now you are searching the internet for 4th of July recipes that will impress the masses. You guys know, I’m all about trying to make your lives easier, so I searched the internet (okay Pinterest) for the best 4th of July dishes that even the worse chef can prepare. (more…)

3 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

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Last week I was cruising some of my favorite blogs and came across a post about 10 Signs He’s Just Not Into You. I really wish I could remember where I saw it, but in looking at all the comments it seemed that a lot of women could sympathize with the author and reported experiencing numerous of these signs. What I found kind of funny is that as I read the signs, I found myself mentally testifying that I had done them to many guys. We live in a society where it’s assumed that women are always seeking relationships and that when things go south it’s because the man did something wrong or he somehow held all the cards that determined how the relationship was going to go. The way I see it women are just as capable of controlling how the game goes and frankly we’re sometimes just not that into a guy. So ladies, sit back and prepare to laugh and guys take close notes as I reveal three clear signs that she’s just not that into you. (more…)

10 Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas

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Alright Royals! I’m back with another inexpensive date segment. If you’re new here, there was 10 Inexpensive Winter Date Ideas and 10 Inexpensive Spring Date Ideas, so logically with yesterday being the first day of summer I had to put together a list of 10 inexpensive SUMMER Date Ideas. The past few weeks it has been in 90’s and darn near too hot to spend extended period of time outdoors. This means we need to plan for outdoor activities early in the morning, in the evening, around water or just head straight for a place with AC. Without further adieu, here is the royal list of 10 inexpensive summer dates. (more…)

The 3 Hottest Summer 2016 Swimsuit Trends

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I’m not sure where all of you are reading this from, but if you are in St. Louis you know that we have been seeing temperatures in the 90’s the past week or so. Seeing these high temperatures so early let’s me know that we are in for an extremely hot summer. Lucky for me, I’m a babysitter to two kids who basically think they’re fish (and their family just bought a house with a pool) so I will be spending most of the summer near the water. If I’m being totally honest, I probably won’t be doing a ton of swimming, but that won’t stop me from shopping the hottest summer 2016 swimsuit trends. While shopping for myself, I found some amazing swimsuit trends I knew I had to share with all of you!


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