Does anyone else experience a certain level of fear when they check their bank account on Monday after a weekend of fun? Even when our weekends are full of adult-y things (i.e. paying bills and grocery shopping), I’m nervous to look at our balance come Monday morning. I’m always shocked by how much we spent and yesterday I decided it was time for us to rein it. I pride myself in being fairly budget conscious, but I try really hard to find a balance between knowing where every penny goes and being spontaneous. I think it would help if we start doing no-spend weekends every once in a while. What are those you ask? During a no-spend weekend, we will not spend money eating out or on activities. If we break the rule, I think we should have to put $10 in our savings account. So the next question becomes, if we can’t spend money, what are we going to spend the weekend doing? I’ve come up with 10 things we can do on a no-spend weekend.

I recently realized just how much we spend on the weekends (it's too much). So now we are going to try to incorporate a "no-spend weekend" every once in a while. Read all about it and join the challenge!

  1. Netflix and Chill – I love hanging on the couch with The Boy and watching movies we’ve seen a million times or random goodies we stumble upon. Going to the movies on a Friday night costs us at least $22 and that’s if we don’t get snacks/food! We can have all the comforts of home (i.e. I don’t have to wear a bra or pants), save money, and enjoy multiple movies at no cost!
  2. Smorgasbord Dinner – We always bicker over what we’re going to have for dinner. It never fails that once we decide and are preparing to cook we realize we’re missing some ingrdient for the meal. This results in someone The Boy having to get dressed to make a store run. Make the most of this kind of dilema or put an end to arguing over what you’ll have by simply cooking whatever is currently in the house. If you want toasted raviolis, but bae wants fried chicken, YOLO, cook them both!
  3. Volunteer – Maybe you don’t want to sit at home all day during your no-spend weekend. Give back to the community by volunteering. You may have to do some planning to ensure the organization you’ve chosen to gift your time to has availability, but it’s totally worth it.
  4. Have a home spa day – I have a confession, I’m one of those women that goes to the nail salon every two weeks FAITHFULLY. We won’t talk about how much this costs on a monthly basis, but I will admit that I could probably save that money by having a home spa day. If you have a roommate, partner, or even just a friend over, you can take turns servicing each other. You can paint each others nails, give each other massages. If you’re home alone, you can take a hot bubble bath and then do your own nails.
  5. Go out and take photos – I’m sure it’s because of Knight Vision Photography, but I love street photography (as I call it). I love pictures of people just living their lives. Pictures that aren’t posed for and truly just capture a moment in time. Though I leave all the real photography work to The Boy, I like taking the dogs out when it’s nice and snapping pictures of them playing/exploring,
  6. Head to the park – We share our back yard with two other units in our building. Though we are the only ones with dogs, Thor and Daisy don’t get to spend a ton of time running around unsupervised because we never know when a neighbor may want to access the yard. When it’s nice out and we’re trying to save money, we walk up to the park near our house and let the dogs run around. It’s good for us to get the fresh air and lets them burn off some energy. Even if you don’t have a dog, the park is still a good option. You can pack a picnic, grab a book or magazine, and spend sometime soaking up that vitamin D.
  7. Video game tournament – I am not a huge gamer, but The Boy has pretty much every game system so it’s grown on me a little bit. A fun way to spend a night in would be to have a gaming tournament. He’ll take pleasure in your interest in one of his hobbies and you may find a game that you actually really enjoy….plus you guys know I’m always for a little competition between lovers.
  8. Catch up on sleep – My bed is probably my favorite hello and hardest goodbye. Like most millennials, I’m always on the move and that means sleep is often the first thing sacrificed. Use a no-spend weekend to catch up on your sleep. Maybe this means sleeping in or it could mean taking a nap in the middle of the day. Don’t think of it as being lazy, think of it as letting your body fully recharge.
  9. Clean the house – It almost hurts my heart to put an adult task like cleaning the house on this list, but we all know it must be done. Between busy weekends and being too tired during the week, housework always gets left undone. Since you aren’t spending money, and subsequently are probably at home, you might as well run the vacuum sweeper and get a few loads of laundry done.
  10. Read a book – I have been SUPER into reading lately. I’m loving Liane Moriarty right now, but I’m definitely on the prowl for other great authors/books. Considering that we live in the age of screens, I don’t think very many people read actual books, but I must say there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book and feeling the pages between your fingers.

Many of these activities will give you a chance to rest and recuperate, which we all need. Far too many Sunday evenings have rolled around and I’m feigning for just two more days to relax. I know we won’t be having no-spend weekends every weekend, but I’d like to try to do one once each month. I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the money you’ve saved after doing this a few times. Join the challenge by writing “I’m committed to smarter spending. I’m joining the no-spend weekend challenge” in the comments!

Have you ever done a no-spend weekend? What would you do during a no-spend weekend?

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26 comments on “10 Things to Do On a No-Spend Weekend”

  1. Yes! I love all of these! I feel like a good netflix and chill day is needed by all occasionally. I too am a big nail salon go-er but I try to push it to three weeks so it isn’t *as* bad haha

  2. I think most of us can relate to that feeling of dread when we have to check the bank account after a few days of spending….one of my favorite free things to do is hike down by the river and spend time in nature. Parks are fabulous places to spend the day relaxing away…

  3. I love the smorgasbord board for dinner idea! We do this once in awhile when the leftovers get to be too much but I never thought to actually make it a fun event!

  4. Oh wow, this topic is adulting to the highest level. Since I got married, I have learned how to be smart with how I spend my money. It teaches you to be more responsible and these ideas are so useful. I do like to clean the house on weekends and we do like to stream movies, too, instead of watching it on the cinema.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  5. mostly checking out good movies and doing a movie marathon whenever I don’t like to go out. But when I want to do a no spend weekend, I usually go to parks and take pictures to unwind.

  6. I think I excel on this area 🙂

    During weekend (since my beau is in Tokyo) I prefer to stay at home and do my crafts, photo editing, drafting articles, etc. I keep myself busy. The only weekend I go out is when I have nothing to wrute and I need inspirations.

  7. Great tips, thank you for sharing this. On the weekend we normally go to Flea Market first and work and by the time we go home we are pretty much give out.

  8. I need to start incorporating no-spend weekends in our household! I mean, there aren’t a lot of places around us to buy things. But there’s a lot of free time, so I do a lot of online shopping!

  9. I like this challenge! We all could use a no sped weekend. This upcoming weekend I have a special project I’m working on, but after that I will be committed to this challenge. Thanks for sharing it!

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