Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s gift giving season. Maybe you started your shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday or you can’t stand the crowds so you’ll be doing your shopping in the coming weeks. No matter the circumstance, you probably have some men on your list to shop for. I’ve notice that it’s always much easier for me to plan gifts for the women in my life, than it is the men. I’m not quite sure what it is, but men are SO hard to shop for. In talking with my girlfriends, it seems that we all tend to struggle in this area. This year, I thought I’d scour the internet and create an awesome “gift guide for him” to find the perfect gift for any man in your life.

We've entered into gift-giving season & I'm unsure about what to get the men in my life. Check out this holiday gift guide for him to make your life easy!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

What you’d buy for you dad is probably a little different from what you’d buy for you significant other. So, I’ve decided to categorize the gifts based on who I feel it would be most appropriate to give it to. Of course, many of these gifts could probably be given to any man in your life, but I thought I’d have a little fun and look for gifts specifically for your dad, significant other, or a brother.


  1. Motorized Tie Rack – Ties seem to be a super popular gift for father’s day. Help Dad keep all those ties organized by giving him a motorized tie rack. It’s a really cool gadget and will help dad find his favorite tie quickly.
  2. BBQ Grill Mat – Most dads seem to love to show off their culinary skills on the grill. Unfortunately, even the most skilled griller is sometimes victim to things falling between racks. Let dad feel like a total professional with this mat that will let him grill even the smallest foods to perfection.
  3. Beer Cap USA Map – This map is a total necessity if your dad is a beer drinker. It allows him to place a cap from each state on this commemorative map!
  4. Electric Breakfast Sandwich Maker – I know I love a good breakfast sandwich, so I can’t imagine a better gift for dad! Apparently it only takes 5 minutes to make a sandwich that dreams are made of!
  5.  Leather Tool Set – This 22 piece set is perfect for fixing things around the house or office. It’s small enough for dad to store in his brief case, a drawer, or his glove box. What makes it better is that you can customize it with your dad’s initials!


  1. Shave Set – Help your man stay suave by gifting him this Harry D. Koenig shave set. The set comes with a stylish stand, razor, bowl, soap and brush. It will look great on your bathroom vanity.
  2. A Bro Basket – There are a variety of Bro Baskets and most of them are related to alcohol. No matter your man’s preferred poison there is a bro box he will love.
  3. JORD Watch – JORD wood watches have become one of my favorite watches. They’ve recently begun offering personalized engraving, which is perfect for the gift giving season.
  4. Homemade Gin Kit – Though it sometimes takes a little convincing, the Boy seems to enjoy making things and being able to brag about his success. If your honey is anything like that, this gin kit will let him impress every guest that comes to your house.
  5. Nintendo NES Classic Edition – Cater to his inner child and give him the gift of over 20 classic Nintendo games, I’m sure he loved as a child. The best part, is that this system won’t cost you an arm and a leg ($60).


  1. Wireless Speaker Showerhead – Who doesn’t like listening to music in the shower? It seems as though it’s never loud enough, but now the music can play right out of the showerhead! If you share a bathroom with your brother, this could really be a gift for you.
  2. Portable Iron – Make sure your brother is always dapper and never wrinkly with this awesome portable iron. It’s perfect for a frequent traveler or even a college student in a small dorm room.
  3. Ultimate Race Car Experience – Your brother will love you forever if you give him a chance to drive a real race care. If he isn’t comfortable driving, he can ride along as a professional drives.
  4. Personalized Cufflinks – In my opinion, every well-dressed man should have a pair of cufflinks. Help step your brother’s style game up and impress the other ladies by customizing him some cufflinks.
  5. Gift card – When in doubt, get him a gift card and let him spend it as he pleases. Perhaps he’ll put it toward a bill or maybe save it for a big splurge later down the road. Maybe you can even get him a gift card to his favorite store.

As I review this list, I definitely think many of the items could be given to any man in your life. The best think about this 2016 holiday gift guide for him is that majority of these gifts are under $100. They’re perfect for the gift giver on a budget…you know, the royal in reality. Don’t worry fellas, I’ll be coming back next week to help you out with what to get the women in your life!

Have you done your holiday gift shopping? What will you be getting the men in your life? Which one of these is perfect for the man in your life?


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24 comments on “2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Him”

  1. These are some awesome ideas! I am totally wishing money wasn’t so tight because I have been in love with the Jord watches. My boyfriend would really like one of those for Xmas.

  2. I love how you have separate items for all of the different men in our lives! I also appreciate how the gifts are under $100 🙂 Gift giving on a budget can be tricky sometimes!

    – Kaitlin

  3. These are really great ideas! My husband wants the Nintendo NES Classic Edition but by the time we got to a store they were all sold out. I figured that would be the case but hopefully they will make more and restore stores.

  4. Okay, so the Bro Basket really cracked me up! But what a wonderful concept. Since I try to give gifts all year round, this will be helpful.

    Ola |

  5. I love these ideas! My Hubs loves his breakfast sandwich and I’m going to order him one. He will love it! Another item I know many Dads, brothers and husbands like are all various types of hot sauces and BBQ sauces for the grill! I wonder why so many men think grilling is a manly thing? LOL

  6. Great gift ideas shared for gifting men in our lives because at times it becomes very difficult to find anything of their choice. This year, I gave my hubby a vitual reality set and he just loved it!

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