Spring is doing its best to make an early entrance, with warmer temperatures and confused blooming plants. Though I’m in no way an outdoorsy person, I’ve been loving these warmer temperatures and trying to spend a little more time outside. I’m not the only one at my house happy to see winter coming to an end, the dogs are ecstatic too. Trips to go potty have gotten quite a bit longer and I basically have to drag them back inside. They also seem more eager to go on car rides so I’ve decided to make an effort to start hanging out at more dog-friendly places.

I feel bad leaving my fur babies at home when the weather is nice. However, some places know my pain. Check out my top 3 dog-friendly places in St. Louis.

My Top 3 Dog-Friendly Places in St. Louis

Now before you guys start to think I’ve lost my mind, The Boy and I (more so him) have spent quite a bit of time working on training our fur babies so I feel pretty confidant taking them out to public places. With that being said, I do not recommend taking your fur babies with you unless they are properly trained/socialized. If you think your babies won’t cause too much commotion there are three places in St. Louis I’ll be taking Thor and Daisy.

  1. The Boathouse at Forest Park – I took Daisy to the boathouse a few years ago after she’d had a dental cleaning. We were seated at an awesome lakeside table on the patio and the restaurant was very accommodating of Daisy’s crabby disposition. They brought her own water bowl and made sure to play into her need for attention.
  2. Molly’s in Soulard – Molly’s is a super popular bar in Soulard. They are well known for their good Cajun food, even better happy hour, a walk-up-and-order burger stand, and above all else their patio. The vibe is very casual and kind of reminds me of a backyard barbecue, the perfect place to have my fur babies. Molly’s with the pooches would probably be best when the crowd isn’t too large and/or before people get too drunk.
  3. Pooches in the Ballpark – Every year our furry friends are invited to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes, professional baseball. With a special ticket, you may enjoy a Cardinals game with your fur baby in a dog-friendly section of the ballpark. Before the game, there is a dog competition where highly trained dogs compete in a dock diving exhibition. Next, you’re invited onto the field for a pre-game costume parade! You even get a Purina goodie bag, a leash holder, and a picture frame. This year’s game will be on June 18th!

Thor and Daisy can get a little rowdy, especially when they are together. We may have to start our little adventures slow..take them one at a time or maybe take them both when The Boy can go too. Even if we never make it to any of these places, I think it would be good for all of us to spend a little more time outside. We can maybe go to a park or even just take a long ride, ya know, just let them stretch their legs and run wild for a bit.

What is your favorite dog-friendly activity or location? Where is your favorite place to take your pooch?

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19 comments on “My Top 3 Dog-Friendly Places in St. Louis”

  1. I don’t have a furbaby anymore but when I did she loved running and having fun with other dogs. That is when she didn’t want to carried everywhere LOL. These sound like great places to take Thor and Daisy…love their names BTW!

  2. Knowing dog-friendly places is so crucial! I had no idea until I married my husband and “adopted” his parents golden retriever into my life. Suddenly, we had a whole different family member to consider. When we went on vacation, when it was raining outside but Rosie still needed to be walked. Still – the added information I needed to learn and workload I had to take on was absolutely worth it to have Rosie in my life!

  3. I really wish our dog was socialized. He’s still a puppy though, so there’s still time to get him acclimated. It’s so much more convenient to have your pup with you–instead of worrying about what he’s doing at home. Great post!

  4. Good thing there are now many places that are dog friendly. Sometimes we always want to have our dogs with us but thinking of the problem if they would be accepted. thanks for this list!

  5. Lovely post and am sure many furry besties likes your choices too. Am glad that my city – Bonifacio Global City is also pet friendly, to the point that they have also their own festival during summer 🙂

  6. We don’t have a dog, so no advice from me where would be a good place to go with pooches around here. But it’s nice to hear that there are places that you can go together! Cute! Thanks for sharing.

  7. aww this is so lovely! Dogs tend to get left out so much recently and I remember when they were allowed everywhere, it’s such a shame! Great options for dog owners

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