Maybe I’m a little behind, but it seems like podcasts are all the rage right now. I realize they’ve been around for quite some time, but it seems as though a large number of people I know have started podcasts within the past year or so. For those that are unfamiliar, according to, a podcast is a “digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series…” Podcasts are great for when you’re stuck in traffic or even at work (assuming you don’t interact with people). I’ve become a regular listener of two college friends’ podcasts and The Boy has one he frequently enjoys. I think these three podcasts are totally worthy of being shared with all of my Royals.

Podcasts are all the rage among millennials right now and there are three awesome ones I hope all of my Royals will tune into!

  1. Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts – DWST is hosted by a coed best friend pair, Robby and Meeks. They hilariously share their opinions on everyday stuff like politics, celebs, the latest viral sensation, and more. The enjoy adult beverages before and during, so we get to enjoy their lower inhibitions and blunt statements. They also make it a point to shout out other young entrepreneurs to encourage their listeners to check them out too. I love that they don’t hold back and genuinely conduct the show like two best friends just hanging out on the couch. You can catch new episodes of DWST every Tuesday.
  2. The Duo – The Duo is hosted by a mother-daughter duo. They are more than mother and daughter, they are best friends. Their podcast celebrates the generational differences between mothers and daughters and cultivates closer relationships between the two. They hope to also inspire women of different ages to uplift each other and collaborate with one another. I enjoy The Duo because I also have a very close relationship with my mom. She and I have even discussed some of the topics from The Duo when we’re hanging out. You can catch new episodes of The Duo every Wednesday at 8pm est.
  3. Sex with Strangers – SWS is hosted by Jamal, Ciara, and Juice, three friends in Philadelphia. They cover a wide variety of topics, but they usually relate to sex and/or the relationships between men and women. The Boy enjoys SWS because he went to high school with one of the hosts and he loves their comedic spin on everything. He also likes that the hosts actually share real life experiences without fear of judgement. SWS has caused him to examine his interactions with women (maybe I need to be listening in) and even have a few laughs at shared experiences. You can catch new episodes of SWS every Monday.

All of these podcasts are available on iTunes and Sound Cloud (and other channels). I like that all of these podcasts are very real. They cover topics that some may consider taboo and the hosts have real authentic dialogue. If you’re looking for a good laugh, honest discussion, or a new favorite pastime, I highly recommend you tune in to all three of these podcasts.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorite podcast? Do you listen to DWST, The Duo, or SWS?

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4 comments on “3 Podcasts Every Millennial Should be Listening To”

  1. Thank you SO much for featuring The Duo in this post!!!! We are enjoying this process so much thus far and we really appreciate the support. I LOVE Sex with Strangers. It’s not he of the podcasts that inspired me to start my own.


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