Traveling has been on my mind a lot lately and according to my honey’s Instagram post, he’s feigning for a change of scenery too. Now that we are engaged, I feel that we need to be A LOT more budget conscious so that we can pay for a wedding. However, my need to feel the sand between my toes and experience a new culture seems just as important as saving for our wedding. Even if we weren’t now saving for a wedding, we live on a budget and don’t truly have “extra” money just lying around, but it’s totally possible to travel when you’re broke and I’m here to share a few tips!

When you're living on a budget, travel doesn't always seem possible. But I'm here to let you know it is possible to travel when you're broke!

3 Tips on How to Travel When You’re Broke

I think it is important to define what I mean by “broke”. I could probably write a whole post about it (maybe I will), but for this post’s purpose I use it not to mean that you have no money, but to mean that a large majority of your money is allocated to other expenses. So with that thought in mind, let’s dive on into these 3 tips on how to travel when you’re broke:

  1. Prioritize travel – Most people have some part of their budget dedicated to fun or recreation. We all have different ideas of fun and probably spend this money accordingly. However, if you really want to travel, you need to put part of your recreation budget aside for travel. This will mean having to sacrifice something. Maybe you stretch your mani/pedi an extra week or you cut ties with your cable company, the point is you find money in your budget to save for future travel.
  2. Open an account specifically for travel – Did you guys know that some banks will allow you to open multiple savings accounts that will also accrue interest? Now before you get too excited, the interest isn’t going to make you or pay for your flight, but every penny does count. I suggest having an account specifically for travel so that you aren’t tempted to spend your travel funds. My current savings account only let’s me make three withdrawals before I am charged a fee. Knowing this deters me from touching that money, unless it is for it’s intended purpose. I also like having an account to track my deposits. I get a thrill out of seeing how much I can save over a month.
  3. Select a budget friendly destination – The most daunting part of traveling is the belief that you can’t afford it. Don’t get me wrong, flights are very expensive and hotels can be pricey too, but I’m telling you guys with a little research it is possible! A budget friendly destination is a total no brainer when trying to travel and you’re broke. If you aren’t sure where to start, you should check out my 5 budget friendly travel destinations millennials will love.

I’m not saying it will be easy, but it’s definitely possible. You have to decide how important seeing the world and experiencing other cultures is. If you’re serious about traveling, these three steps will have you off to se the world in no time!

How do you afford to travel while maintaining a budget and all your adult responsibilities?

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5 comments on “3 Tips on How to Travel When You’re Broke”

  1. I love the idea of setting up an account specifically for travel. We’re dying to go to South Africa and because it’s SUCH a long flight we really want to be able to fly business class. Every time we get ready to book we decide to just save that money and go somewhere closer with less expensive airfare lol. I think setting up an account and putting aside money monthly for that airfare would help us make that dream vacation a reality.


  2. Loved this insp for traveling on a budget ..and if you are broke..ha!

    I travel a fair amount and don’t have a lot to do so..I just find the deals and as you say the budget spots!

    Love your link up idea…I have a hard time posting on consistent days.I work full time and haven’t got the “batching” thing down yet..I need to !

  3. Another idea we did was we had friends who lived who lived in Colorado and we lived near DC and we did a houseswap for a week. We didn’t have the cost of a hotel just a cheap Southwest ticket we purchased or $158.00 each and everybody had a great time. These are great tips for trips!

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