4th of July is a little under a week away! For many Americans, this day is not only a day to celebrate our nation’s independence, but also a day to gather with friends and family. Most All of these gatherings are bound to include food and whether you are a guest responsible for bringing one dish or the host who needs to come up with an entire menu, I’m sure by now you are searching the internet for 4th of July recipes that will impress the masses. You guys know, I’m all about trying to make your lives easier, so I searched the internet (okay Pinterest) for the best 4th of July dishes that even the worse chef can prepare.

Check out this round up of the best 4th of July recipes! From entrees to adult beverages, Royalty in Reality has you covered!

The Best 4th of July Recipes

Criteria for inclusion: So you guys don’t think this is just a random list unworthy of consideration, I came up with some inclusion criteria for all the recipes you see here:

  1. Must to be able to serve at least 10 people
  2. Ingredients must to cost less than approximately $30.
  3. Cannot require more than 2 hours to make from start to finish
  4. Must be somehow related to 4th of July
  5. Must look delicious

Combined, these five factors gave me some pretty affordable and easy to make recipes. No one will have to spend hours laboring over a hot stove to wow friends and family. Not to toot my own horn, but what I love most about this list is that there is a little something for everyone. Rather you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage or a red, white, and blue dessert, you’re bound to find a recipe you can make and take to a party on this list.

4th of july recipes

The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs – The picture of these alone had my mouth watering! As I was looking at the ingredient list, I was shocked (yet thrilled) to see bacon listed. In my opinion, anything with bacon is destined for greatness. Great job Melanie!

Firecracker Dogs – These are perfect for kiddos or the kids at heart! What I love most is that you can easily use a beef, chicken, or pork hotdog to meet the desires of party goers. Angela eliminates the fuss and mess that comes with giving a kid a hot dog in a bun by crapping the “bun” around the hotdog during cooking.

Ribs – I’m not sure you can have an American celebration in the summer without serving ribs. I personally prefer beef ribs over pork ribs, but regardless, this step by step process from RedBook guarantees to proceed professional chef quality ribs.

4th of july recipes

Fruit Salad with Coconut Milk Whipped Cream – It’s summer, so can you really go wrong with a light fruit salad. Nicole of Crazed Mom puts a unique spin on her fruit salad by topping it with coconut milk whipped cream. In 7 easy steps, she walks you through creating a side dish that everyone trying to maintain their summer body will love you for.

Blueberry Caprese Salad – I LOVE LOVE LOVE caprese salad so when I say this red, white, and blue rendition I knew it had to go on this list. This salad is almost painfully easy to make and I’m sure would be a hit at any hit. Lindsey of Love and Olive Oil served this bruschetta style along with lightly toasted bread.

Red, White, and Blue Deviled Eggs – These are such a party classic and I’m loving the 4th of July version that Diane created here. It looks like she let the egg whites sock in water, vinegar, and food coloring for 1-2 minutes to achieve these vibrant red and blue deviled eggs!

4th of july recipes4th of July Rice Krispie Treats – Rachel of A Southern Fairy Tale created super cute red, white, and blue rice krispie treats. This recipe only requires four ingredients, one of which (butter) I’m sure you’ll already have around the house! Step things up a notch by using a cookie cutter to cut the rice krispie treats into stars.

Patriotic Apple Pie Pockets – Janine takes readers through the fairly simple process of making star-shaped personal apple pies. I do not consider myself to be a baker, but as I read over her recipe on Sugar Kissed, I felt confident that even I could make these with perfection.

American Flag Cake – I came across several renditions of this one. What sets Kathryn’s (blogger behind The Sugar Turntable) american flag cake apart from others, is that she uses red velvet cake for the red layer instead of white cake with red food coloring. She also makes the blue layer a blue velvet cake layer of sorts by adding cocoa powder. I love most that she includes pictures with her instructions of how to actually put the cake together!

4th of july recipes

Wine Sparklers – For the adults that don’t want to drink hard liquor, these wine sparklers by The Kitchn are just what they need. They are of course made with white wine, “red” watermelon, and blueberries to stay consistent with the 4th of July theme.

July 4th Layered Drink – These are perfect for the kids, pregnant ladies, or anyone else laying off the booze. This drink contains 3 layers of Cran Apple, SoBe Pina Colada, and Blueberry-pomegranate gatorade. You pour them in a glass in order of most to least sugar contents and voila (it’s not THAT simple, but you get the idea).

Frozen Boozy Bomb Pop Drink – Keep guest cools with an adult beverage that tastes just like the bomb pop popsicles from the neighborhood ice cream truck. According to their creator Rachel, if you’re going to have more than one you will need a designated driver so be sure (as always) to drink responsibly!

What are your plans for the holiday? Will you be hosting or attending a cookout? Which one of these 4th of July recipes would you like to try?



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  1. Those were some really nice recipes.And, i loved how you made a criteria to choose which one gets to be published. Sounds like something even I might end up doing.

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