Helllllllllllo fashionistas! This is my first fashion-related post and I can hardly contain my excitement. Just like most girls I LOVE shopping. Boring days can be brightened up with the perfect outfit or a little online shopping. Now that my internship has started and I’m anticipating getting a public health job this summer, I’ve been trying to build the “work” section of my closet. I’ve most recently been obsessed with J. Crew. The catch is, I’m a royal living in reality, so it is an absolute necessity that I am always budget conscious and let’s be honest J. Crew ain’t cheap. I recently racked up on goodies from J. Crew and EVERYTHING I got was on sale. On this particular trip, I went to the J. Crew Factory Outlet, where things are already discounted. In addition to that, many items in the store were additionally discounted, my 30% off punch card was full (shop three times, get 30% off), and I had my student ID to take advantage of an additional 15% off! Since I started having to be budget conscious, I make it a point to always check the clearance/sale area for any last season steals. Despite the dwindling temperatures here in St. Louis, I have no problem buying cute summer dresses, shorts, or tank tops and saving them for next year. Low-key, because the weather has been so unpredictable (it was in the low 80’s today) I’ve been able to wear some of this stuff layered under sweaters or with a cute jacket.

Full price $89.50, sale price $37.59. Cant wait to pair this with a statement necklace and boots!!
Blouse : full price $34.97, sale $14.69! Skirt: full price $79.50, sale $33.39!

I got a total of six items that regularly would have cost me $407.94 + tax. With all of the discounts, I left J. Crew only having spent $181.53! Now, before you all crucify me for suggesting that what I spent wasn’t THAT much, for J. Crew that’s AMAZING. Two items alone were priced at $89.50/each. My savings for the day was $242.17! I did not see an issue in making this investment because I know these pieces will last me a while, unlike some cheaper stores. I made it a point to subscribe to the J. Crew Factory email list so that I can stay in the know of any extra savings. I find that almost every story has an email list that offers you special savings for subscribing and always notifies you of upcoming sales.

Where do you shop for your professional attire? What are your secrets for finding deals and steals?



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