It’s finally happened, one of your dearest friends is engaged! You’re both over the moon and frantically pinning any wedding related pin you can find.Once the excitement of the moment wears off, she’s got a lot of decisions to make, one of which is selecting the ladies that will stand beside her as she says “I Do”. You check the mail one day and you’ve got the cutest “bridesmaid proposal” from her and now it’s time for you to make a decision. The immediate and natural reaction is to immediately accept, BUT there are three things you should know before agreeing to be a bridesmaid:

Everyone that got engaged over the holidays will soon be asking their best girls to stand by their side on the big day. Here are 3 things you should know BEFORE you agree to be a bridesmaid.

3 Things You Should Know BEFORE Agreeing to be a Bridesmaid

  1. There is more to your commitment than just the wedding day. There are pre-wedding activities like the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Your bride may expect you to be present while shopping for her dress or even your own dress. If the bride is doing a lot of things herself (i.e. decorations), I’m sure you will be called upon to help with that. Does your schedule/life allow you to be that available?
  2. It’s going to be expensive. According to a 2016 article published on, it will cost you approximately $1500 to be a bridesmaid. They’re figure didn’t consider if you’re having to travel for pre-wedding events, so if that is your situation you can easily expect to spend more. If the wedding is in an exotic location, you’ll also have to pay for the cost of your trip.
  3. There is bound to be some drama. A quick google search reveals that bride’s often select 4-8 women to stand behind them on their big day. If you’re one of the chosen, the chance that you know and are friends with all the other women is unlikely. When you mix personalities and women all trying to do what the feel is best for the bride, there are bound to conflicts. Knowing this going into, you can try to take on a peacemaker role or at least be prepared for what’s bound to happen.

A couple of years ago a girl I was friends with asked me to be in her wedding. With no thought at all, I happily agreed. Within two weeks I was already regretting my decision, mainly because of things that would fall under #1 here. We ended up having a falling out and stopped speaking so I ended up having a way out, but it definitely made me realize how much of a commitment being a bridesmaid is. The experience made me realize that when a friend asks you to be in her wedding, it is truly an honor. You shouldn’t agree unless you have the time, money, and patience to play your role well. After all, the bride will have plenty to stress about without her bridesmaids creating issues.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? What tips do you have for someone who may be a bridesmaid one day?

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14 comments on “3 Things You Should Know BEFORE Agreeing to be a Bridesmaid”

  1. I definitely don’t think people really think about the time commitment required to be in someone’s wedding! It’s so much more than just that day and between the dress, travel expenses, and a activities, the costs definitely add up! I hope that people read this post and realize just how big of a responsibility it is (although more times than not, I think it’s totally worth it!).


  2. You’re so right about the cost and commitment. When I got married, I simply asked that the girls purchased a certain color dress. From there, they had the freedom to pick within their price range. Hopefully that helped save a few dollars!

  3. These are some great tips and things people don’t always know to think of. This applies to Best Men and any other role you could play in a wedding. My husband and son were just in a wedding and $$$$ plus time was required.

  4. Thanks for sharing these points. Although when I was a bridesmaid, I never experienced any drama.. everything is all set and provided, and what I need to do is to come. It was fun and fully pampered bridemaid 🙂

  5. Interesting items to consider prior to the acceptance. I would like to think when asked that the ladies know each other and the expectations are reasonable and all kept in a friendly light.

  6. YES, YES YES. I was so excited the first time I was asked to be a bridesmaid and then I was in disbelief by how much everything ended up costing and how much of a time-suck it was.

    Now that I at least KNOW what it all entails, I expect it and plan ahead for it!

  7. These were some really good points. I have yet to be a bridesmaid only because none of my friends have been married yet, but I will definitely take these into count when I am someday!

  8. Ain’t that the truth?! Being a bridesmaid is serious business. It’s such a special commitment and not for the faint of heart! Especially if there are…ahem…other unique personalities who’ve been invited to be bridesmaids too…

  9. Yes, yes, and yes! These are great and I don’t think people realize the commitment, support and expense that goes in to it. I know many of relationships ruined because of it.

  10. Omg yes!!!! For my wedding I couldn’t believe that people thought there was nothing to being a bridesmaid. Like just show up on wedding day. I had one friend who my maid of honor and I basically had to be like if you can’t commit then you have to go lol… definitely a awkward moment that’s for sure.

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