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5 Tips to Help You Fight Senioritis

It’s that time of the year when spring break has ended and seniors all over the world can finally see the finish line that is graduation in the very near future. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school, undergrad, or graduate school, if you’re a senior you are praying that when you wake up it will be your graduation day. If you’re anything like me, you’re finding it next to impossible to do anything school related or even so much as care because you can already hear your name being announced to an auditorium full of your friends and family. This feeling, my friends, is senioritis.  (more…)

The Royal Guide to Surviving Cohabitation

So you and your man have been dating for a while. He’s met your family and you’ve met his. Things are feeling pretty serious and you find yourself spending more and more time with him. Next thing you know, you all are having nightly sleepovers, alternating between your respective places. You’re basically living together, except you’re not. Your mail still comes to your place, your name is the only one on the lease, and you’re paying all the bills by yourself. At some point, it begins to dawn on you that you’re both wasting money by living in your apartment half time and the idea of cohabitation begins to float around. While The Boy and I didn’t solely move in together to split bills, I was still living with my mom, I can attest to having nightly sleepovers and being annoyed that I was lugging my whole life around in a duffle bag.  (more…)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mardi Gras

Before we dive into all things Mardi Gras, can I just freak out for a moment that the second month of 2016 is already here?! I feel like I was just telling you guys about my 2016 goals and now I’m already making recommendations on what to buy your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day and trying to help you all get ready for Mardi Gras. It is insane how quickly time passes and I sincerely hope you all are making each moment count! Now that I’m done having a moment, let’s get back to making sure all of you know the do’s and don’ts for enjoying all of the Mardi Gras festivities happening between now and Fat Tuesday! (more…)

The Royal Guide to Thriving and Surviving in Grad School

Week 2 of the semester is just about done and I’m not hating it any less than I was last week when I shared the six struggles of graduate school students I wish my friends and family would understand. Judging from the comments, many of my fellow grad students feel my pain, but there was one comment in particular that really stuck with me. The comment was from someone who said she would be starting grad school in March and while she was already nervous, my post had made her even more nervous. (more…)

6 Struggles of Grad School Students You Need to Understand (and Accept)

Today’s blog post was scheduled to be about a simple, yet cute outfit I wore this past weekend to The Boy’s cousin’s birthday party. The thing is, I didn’t even make it out of the house. I was mentally/physically exhausted and while I wanted to celebrate her milestone, I couldn’t pull myself together to put on real clothes (i.e., a bra), comb my hair, put on make up, brave the cold, and be in a club. So as I sat at the computer trying to think up fake words to accompany my pre-shot photos, it dawned on me that I was doing both my readers and myself a disservice. Instead of trying to make you guys think I was looking fabulous and twerking in the club this weekend, I thought I’d address the reason why I had to skip out on the partying. In two simple words, the reason is graduate school. If you have a full-time working graduate student in your life there are  some grad school struggles you simply must understand and learn to accept. (more…)