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Bargain Hunting at The St. Louis Premium Outlets

The only thing I’m probably more obsessed with than catching Pokemon right now is catching deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories. Any blogger that has a fashion component to their blog can attest to the desire to want to always showcase a new outfit. However, for bloggers on a budget, this is rarely a realistic goal. I am personally a HUGE believer in re-wearing things. I mean, after all, that’s why washers and dryers exist. Despite my willingness to repeat an outfit or item, I try to pick up new things whenever my budget will allow. I justify my shopping by almost always buying things at a discounted price. When my blogger pal Psyche of Economy of Style invited me to a shopping event at my favorite outlet in town, The St. Louis Premium Outlets, the budgetnista fashionista in me jumped at the chance to save some coins and grab a few new items! (more…)

3 Sales Every Fashionista Needs to be Shopping

One of my biggest struggles in adulthood is coming to terms with the face that I’ve got RLS (real life sh*t) to pay for and I’ve had to curb my appetite for shopping. The days of putting it on the credit card my mom paid for are long gone, but my need for clothes, shoes, and purses has probably gotten worse. In order to fulfill my need to shop, I decided I had to become a REAL shopper. In my opinion, that means not impulse buying items you know you can’t afford, but patiently waiting for a coupon in the mail or the item to go on sale. Let me tell yall, it’s hard sometimes, but I feel so accomplished when I get things at discounted prices. On a daily basis, I probably get at least 10 emails about specials or sales, and there are currently 3 sales that are too good not to share!

Every Woman’s 3 Summer Essentials

Summer just might be my favorite season. The days are longer, flowers have bloomed, trees are full of gorgeous green leaves, and there just seems to be SOOOOO much more to do. Summer is also my favorite in terms of fashion. I live for sun dresses, sandals, and all white ensembles. I realize not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slay everyday during the warmer months. The following three things are essential for every woman wanting to look good all summer long! (more…)

The 3 Hottest Summer 2016 Swimsuit Trends

I’m not sure where all of you are reading this from, but if you are in St. Louis you know that we have been seeing temperatures in the 90’s the past week or so. Seeing these high temperatures so early let’s me know that we are in for an extremely hot summer. Lucky for me, I’m a babysitter to two kids who basically think they’re fish (and their family just bought a house with a pool) so I will be spending most of the summer near the water. If I’m being totally honest, I probably won’t be doing a ton of swimming, but that won’t stop me from shopping the hottest summer 2016 swimsuit trends. While shopping for myself, I found some amazing swimsuit trends I knew I had to share with all of you!


Royal Review of Kylie Lip Kits + GIVEAWAY

Alright royals, it’s confession time. I am a Kardashian-Jenner fan. I pretty much love anything they associate themselves with and I’m convinced that Khloe would make a better Presidential candidate than the two front runners we currently have. I follow the family faithfully through social media and the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and I’m always super stoked about any new projects/products they launch. Regardless of if you love them or not, you can’t deny the fact that anything this family touches (except men) basically turns to gold. When the youngest of the clan, King Kylie, decided to launch Kylie Cosmetics, I knew I had to eventually get my hands on one of the always in demand Kylie Lip Kits. (more…)