Looking at my calendar and weather app, it’s the third week of October and it was 90 degrees this past Saturday (thank you global warming). Despite these summer-like temperatures, it is indeed fall and we should all be anticipating cooler temps. Truth be told, we’ve had a few cooler temp days sprinkled in here and there and I’ve immediately pulled out my booties. While I hate the fact that the days have gotten shorter, I’m ready for all things fall! I figured as a blogger it was my duty to make sure all of my Royals were ready for the temperature drop, because let’s be real it could happen tomorrow, and share the things I’m deeming “the best of fall 2017”. From fashion to recipes to things to do, prepare for me to unload all things fall!

Fall is in full swing and I'm welcoming the cooler temperatures with open arms. Check out all the things I love about Fall and you should too!


  1. Layering – This is one trend that I think isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s ideal for this time of the wear when it’s chilly when you head out for work, but sweltering by lunch time. It also makes you look super trendy, like you actually put some effort into your outfit.
  2. (Faux) Furs – Alright animal lovers, don’t jump down my throat, but I’m here for the fur trend. I personally aim to purchase faux fur, as it is less expensive and no animals had to die for me to look good. Fur keeps you warm and always sticks out (in a good way), in my opinion. Whether it’s on a jacket or on your shoes, you can’t go wrong with fur.
  3. Plaid – Am I the only one that immediately things of plaid when I think of fall? Maybe it’s just because I love flannels or maybe it’s the pattern? I don’t know, but we should all have at least one plaid button down in our closet.
  4. Leisure Suits – Now yall know I love me some athleisure wear. So it’s no real shocker that when it gets cold, I’ll be rocking a “leisure suit”. I may throw it all the way back and see if I can find a juicy couture track suit (anybody else remember those?). So far I’ve seen both loose fittings ones and tighter fitting sets. I’ve seen some cute tighter fitting sets paired with heels and I’m LOVING that for a comfortable night out.
  5. Fishnets – When I was in college, my friend and I wore the cutest fishnets once it got “cold” (we were in Miami) out. I’m not sure when the trend fell off, but I’m glad to see it back. What’s interest is that people are now pairing fishnets with more than just skirts and dresses. People are throwing them under shorts and destroyed jeans!


  1. Crockpot – I love a good crockpot recipe all year round, but with the days being shorter during the fall, I rely more heavily on our crockpot.
  2. Soups & Chili – The boy won’t drink anything hot, whether it be a beverage or food. However, I love soup and/or chili when it’s cold outside. I’ve yet to actually make my own soup or chili from scratch, but that hasn’t stopped me from following the Martha Stewart soup, stew, and chili pinterest board.
  3. Baked goodies – When it’s cold out, I basically just want to sit on the couch and eat.  Fall is a great time to try new sweet treats, as the house could probably use a little heat wave to combat the cold temps outside. Cookies are probably my favorite dessert and this pinterest board is chalked full of great recipes!

Things to Do

  1. Pumpkin Patch – It seems like everyone I know has been spending Saturdays at pumpkin patches/farms. I like the idea of visiting the pumpkin patches for a fun family day or even an outdoor date! St. Louis has quite an expensive list of pumpkin patches around town.
  2. Family Photos – Ever since The Boy started Knight Vision Photography, I catch myself frequently scouting locations. Fall is the PERFECT of year for family portraits. The leaves are changing colors, beginning to fall, and parks make beautiful scenes for photos.
  3. Bonfires – A friend of ours bought a house with a great backyard and a fire pit. At the beginning of the summer, we were so excited and couldn’t wait fire up the pit. We had such a fun night, but it was SWELTERING. We tried again, a few weeks ago. The weather was much more mild and it was PERFECT. I kind of wish we had gotten supplies for s’mores.

I love fall because it’s not too hot, but it’s also not too cold. I don’t have to wear a big bulky coat just quite yet and have an excuse to get extra snuggles from The Boy. Fall (and arguably Spring) also get points for having cool weather that allows us to open the windows (hello lower utility bills!)

What are your favorite things about fall? Got a favorite recipe? Drop it in the comments!

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