I remember the first Thanksgiving I spent with The Boy’s family like it was yesterday. I was SUPER nervous to be meeting such a large portion of his family and agonized over what to wear for days. My mom and grandma both felt some kind of way because this would be the first time I was going to be spending Thanksgiving any place else. Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is one thing, but meeting the family is a whole different ball game. Will they like me? What if they don’t? What if I don’t like them? The questions that flow through your head are endless. Meeting the family is kind of like ripping off a band aid, the anticipation of the pain is really what causes you distress, not the actual removal of the band aid. However, we’ve all been there before, whether you’re a guy or girl you can relate to the anxiety associated with meeting the family of your beloved. Lucky for all of my Royals, you guys don’t have to worry (much) any more because I’m giving you my 3 tips to be sure you your honey’s family loves you.

The holidays are here which probably means couples around the world will be meeting a large portion their partner's family. Here are 3 tips on making meeting his family for the first time a breeze!

3 Tips on Meeting His Family For the First Time

  1. When choosing an outfit, err on the side of conservative. The last thing you want the family of your potential future spouse to be thinking is that you’re a floozy. No mini dresses, no super low cut shirts, no grungy sweat pants, and save the high heels for the next date night. You want his family to know that you are capable of keeping it cute and classy. My first Thanksgiving with The Boy’s family I wore a skirt with tights and a turtle neck. My skirt was worm fitting and approximately mid-thigh, but I toned things down with opaque tights. I’m not suggesting you go in a suit, but I think an outfit that displays your style that won’t offend grandma is a much better way to go.
  2. Be helpful. There are a lot of moving parts when cooking for an entire family. There is almost always a need to make a last minute store run or even retrieve things from another area of the house. Step up to the plate and let his family know that you’re more than just a guest by offering a hand when help is needed. I think The Boy and I were responsible for bringing drinks the first year and I took my responsibility very serious. I was very meticulous in my beverage selection, wanting to be sure we had a wide variety (LOL). This year, I’m SUPPPPER proud that I’ve been asked to bring a real dish!
  3. Don’t be anti-social. It can be really tempting to just sit quietly when your among a group of strangers. Fight the urge to quietly sit in a corner on your phone and actually interact with your boo’s family. Though you may be nervous, they’re probably excited to meet you and learn more about you. The Boy actually has a several sister-cousins around our age, so it was really easy for me to talk to them. In fact, I now text with them and go to happy hour without him! If you’re honey doesn’t have siblings/cousins around your age, that’s okay. Talking with older aunts and uncles is usually always interesting. They’ve probably been in your shoes before and remember what it was like meeting their spouse’s family for the first time and will probably go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

The Boy’s family made meeting them REALLY easy. I actually look forward to his family gatherings and hope to one day host both our families at my house. Not all families are created equal and you may find that you’re partner’s family isn’t all that nice or welcoming. Should you find yourself in that situation, talk it over with your lover and try to find a compromise. Maybe you guys drive two cars so that you can spend just a little time with his family and then scurry off to your own. It also helps to remember that family gatherings are usually few and far in between, so you only have to see these people a few times each year. Regardless of the family is, just be polite and classy.

How was the first time you met your honey’s family? Got any tips for those preparing to meet the family for the first time next week at Thanksgiving?

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13 comments on “3 Tips on Meeting His Family For the First Time”

  1. Yup
    I agree with the fighting the “anti-social spirit” in these sort of situations.
    I’m a natural introvert but I think I’ve taught myself that some times, I have to put that aside.

  2. I totally agree with the anti-social point, one thing I would mention from my own experiences, is to remember that the family’s opinion should not impact you to the point that you are changing who you are. You should be yourself authentically and happy. This family can get to know the real you, or they can get to know the fake you, which comes out for special occasions.

  3. Aw, I remember very distinctly all the butterflies (and sweat!) I felt when meeting my husband’s family the whole time. Luckily, they all disappeared within the first 5 minutes, but the anticipation of it is so nerve-wrecking!

  4. I haven’t had a boyfriend in ages so no family meetups for me! I like your tips especially on what to wear! Maybe next year I’ll have a new man and I can impress his family!

  5. It was quite some time ago when i met my now husband’s family. I’m quite an introvert, but I knew that keeping a friendly face may help ease things a bit. I know that they were not taking my introvert nature in a positive way, but all that is water under the bridge now as they have grown to know me.

  6. I remember those moments when I met his family for the first time and it was so much fun. I took care of the dressing part so much to make sure it is simple yet perfect enough to show myself as cute & classy. I did step in to show my help when needed and everything went great!

  7. I had loads of fun meeting my hubby’s family and he had the same meeting mine. We were relaxed and did not set high expectations. Be yourself and hopefully they will accept you for who you are.

  8. It seems like ages ago that I was meeting DJ’s family for the first time. I definitely agree with all of your pointers. I also think it’s important to try not to be too sensitive – especially around older family members. They tend to say what they want without a filter but usually mean no harm.


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