Are you making a list and checking it twice? If not, you should be! The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time with gift buying and visiting family members. In my opinion, the key to surviving this time of the year is to stay organized. When I have a lot going on and need to ensure a variety of things get done, I make checklists. Using checklists during this time of the year helps me to be sure everyone’s Christmas gift is purchased, the house is clean, and I can actually enjoy the holidays without worrying. There are three holiday checklists I think anyone celebrating the holidays should have on deck: The Gift Buying List, The House Cleaning List, and The Master List.

The holidays are here and between shopping for gifts, preparing for guests, and making sure the house is clean, something is bound to be forgotten. Not this year! Use these 3 must have holiday checklists to stay on your A game this year!

3 Must Have Holiday Checklists

The Gift Buying Checklist

It seems like every year the list of people we need to buy a gift for grows a little. I always worry about giving people things they’ll actually like, so I tend to ask people what they want. It’s probably easy to imagine how quickly I start to forget who asked for what. I usually try to keep a note in my phone with a running list of my loved one’s requests from Santa. Before I go shopping, I create a gift list so that it’s more organized and I can keep it all straight. On the list, I write the person’s name, what I’m getting them, where I can find it, and approximately how much it costs. Of course, I also have a spot to check it off once the item has been purchased.

must have holiday checklists

The House Cleaning Checklist
Whether or not you’re hosting family, we all want the house clean for the holidays. When I was little, this meant a full scale, top to bottom, cleaning of the house. Even though I dreaded doing it then, and still do now, I can’t deny how good it feels to be in a clean house on Christmas morning. I use the holiday cleaning checklist to ensure I don’t miss any little nook or cranny.

must have holiday checklists

The Master Checklist

So you’ve tackled cleaning and gift buying, but what about all the other little (and big) things that need to get done? My master checklist serves as a catchall and I put anything I need to remember to do for the holidays on there. If we’re responsible for a specific dish, I make sure I make a note or if we will be having guests, I jot down a few things to be sure we are prepared. Because this list serves as a catchall, I decided it would be most effective for all of you if it was completely blank and you could just fill it in yourself. Below are a few things you’ll find on my master checklist this year!

must have holiday checklists

I’m hoping that these checklists will help me stay organized and not lose my mind during the chaos that is preparation for the holidays. I’m also hoping that these lists will help you keep your sanity, so I’ve included them as PDFs so that you can download/print them!

The Gift Buying Checklist

The Holiday Cleaning Checklist

The Master Checklist

 Have you started getting ready for the holidays? Which one of these checklist will you be downloading?


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  1. These are awesome. I especially like the house cleaning checklist. I did a serious deep cleaning today and I wish I had of downloading that checklist beforehand.

    All the Best,

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