I LOVE HAIR WEAVE! Long weave, short weave, red weave, blonde weave….pretty much anything that even closely resembles a natural hair color I’m all for it (I’m not bold enough to rock blue hair). Unfortunately for me, The Boy does not share my passion for weave and after several months of various protective sew-in styles he asked me to let me hair breath (-__-). Determined not to loose all of the healthy hair gains I’d achieved from months not manipulating my hair, I refused to cause damage to my hair by frequently straightening it. So just like that I decided to become a naturalista! I’d pinned so many cool hair do’s on Pinterest and watched enough Youtube videos to be an expert….or so I thought. My mom and I thought a perm rod set would be super cute, so we gathered our supplies and set off. It took FOREVER to get all the rods in my hair and we couldn’t figure out how to get them tight to my scalp.

First day perm rod success!!

For my very first attempt, I was sufficiently satisfied. The curls were defined and frizz free, but I wish I’d been able to get the rod closer to my scalp. Unfortunately, the style lasted two days and I was looking like a tired beat-up clown by the head. Without the time to do perm rods again and knowing it would only last a couple of days, I set out to find a new style. I decided on flat twists, despite not knowing how to french braid and barely being able to part my own hair straight.

straight attitude b/c of how long it took me to flat twist my hair

Despite it taking me FOREVER to get the flat twists done, I again was sufficiently satisfied with the results. I had a lot of definition, probably because of the As I Am twist defining cream, and it smelled delicious. At night I retwisted majority of my hair, making sure to re-do the strands fighting to be straight or a frizzy mess. After about four days I was over it and decided to try to pull it up into a puff. This was by far my favorite! The puff was easy to do, looked cute, and most importantly fast. It looked nice for daily wear, but I was’t really feeling it for nicer events or going out.

My four “go to” products

My overall assessment is that being “natural” is just too much work for me. I spent an extra fifteen minutes every morning untwisting, slicking, fluffing, etc and the amount of time flat twisting takes is just not something I have time for 2-3 each week. Additionally, the costs of buying products while searching for what works for your hair can add up quickly.  During my five heat-free weeks I think the cheapest product I bought was ~$13. So you can understand how this trial-and-error process can eat at your pockets. I will admit my hair seems to have grown during this time and my edges were thrilled to have a break. I won’t say that I’ll NEVER do it again, but perhaps next time I will let a professional do it. I’m still committed to keeping my hair healthy so I’m going to try the Design Essential Strengthening Therapy System. Be on the look out for a future post sharing my experiences with it!

When in doubt….puff!

Do any of my seasoned naturalistas have any tips for a novice? What are your go to products? How do you maintain your styles over night?



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