3 Ways to Keep in Touch with Old Friends + Thursday 3 Link Up

Over the weekend, an old friend from college texted me out of the blue. Though I shouldn’t have been, I was surprised to hear from her. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s because of her diligence that we keep in touch. Our exchange really made me realize just how many friends from college or high school I haven’t talked to in a while. I dug a little deeper to try to understand why I was allowing so much time to lapse between interactions with women who were once my closet confidants. I realized, with the help of the friend that texted me, social media is to blame. With snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s very easy to very easy to stay privy to what your friends are up to. It leads to a false sense of closeness because you know (on the surface) what’s going on in their lives, but you’re totally missing all the stuff that’s maybe not picture perfect. I’m going to make it a point to try to keep in touch with old friends by utilizing the following strategies. (more…)

3 Reasons to Break Up w/ Your Cable Company

Over the last year, I have been EXTREMELY displeased with our cable company, but I’ve been scared to cut the cord. While our free time is scarce, almost anytime I’m not obligated to be somewhere I like to be parked in my favorite spot on the sofa watching my shows. I believe my fear stemmed from the false belief that I wouldn’t be able to watch my shows when I wanted to or I wouldn’t be able to watch them at all (so many sites require you to enter your cable username and password to access their on-demand library). After much discussion and slowly weaning ourselves off, The Boy and I decided to cut the cord and break up with our cable provider. Here are 3 reasons why you should break up w/ your cable company too.


10 Inexpensive Fall Date Ideas

I can hardly believe that summer will officially be over in just a couple of weeks. This summer has passed in a blur. Between trying to finish up grad school, attending weddings, and working multiple jobs, The Boy and I haven’t had as much time for dates. Thankfully, we live together, so seeing each other isn’t an issue, but frankly we haven’t really had the energy to think outside of the box as far as date nights are concerned. As of today, I’m going to commit to making more of an effort during the fall season. Since I’ve published 10 inexpensive date ideas for the winter, spring, and summer. it seemed only logical to compile a list of 10 inexpensive fall date ideas. I figure this list will serve as a good brain storm session for me AND aid my royals in finding inexpensive (but good) dates to wow their partner. (more…)

First 3 Steps to Mending a Broken Heart + Thursday 3 Link Up

By the time you reach your mid-to late 20’s it is inevitable that you have experienced a break up or two. In my opinion, break ups are even harder at this age because every time you get on Facebook someone you know is getting engaged. It is nearly impossible not to wish you were that lucky girl and you can really start to beat yourself up if you’re dealing with a break up. I have a friend that is struggling to get over her last relationship and I would do just about anything to take her pain away. In trying to think of ways I could could help her get through this break up, I came up with 3 first steps that I believe will put any woman on the road to mending a broken heart and heading for the road to love. (more…)

Keeping Time with My Jord Watch + GIVEAWAY

This post was sponsored by JORD. I received a timepiece in exchange for an honesty review. All words and opinions are mine and mine alone. Please see my full disclosure statement for more information.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been into time pieces. When I was little, it was all about my g-shock or my Paul Frank watch when I was feeling fancy. As I got older, watches continued to be a part of my daily ensemble. My taste grew from neon colored sports watches to more subtle yet stylish pieces. I was first introduced to Jord Watches a few years ago by a friend who shares my obsession with watches. I was immediately taken aback by how light weight the piece was and the unique concept of a wooden watch. When an opportunity landed in my inbox to select and review one of these watches, I could hardly wait to make my selection.