His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just a little over two weeks away and if you’re planning to shop for a special someone, now is the time to start (if you haven’t already). If your bank account is still recovering from the holidays and/or annual bills that come up in January, this Valentine’s Day gift guide filled with gifts under $100 is perfect for you!

Valentine’s Day is typically marketed to men for women and men are frequently neglected. Most guys aren’t looking to receive flowers, chocolates, or some romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, this makes shopping for men for this holiday really hard, but don’t worry Royals, y’all know I got you and I’m going to be sure your bank account isn’t empty! (more…)

What You Need to Know About the Design Essentials STS Express

One of the best things about being in my mid-20s is the personal growth everyone encourages. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring my likes and dislikes. I’ve found that one of my dislikes is doing my hair. Several months ago I took my best shot at becoming a naturalista and long story short it was a hot mess. I found out I’m terrible at doing flat twists and all the styles I tried take way too much time for me to be doing them multiple times each week. After that “journey”, I still wasn’t ready to return to the world of protective styling, so based off a recommendation from my hair stylist, I decided to try the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System Express.  (more…)

The Royal Guide to Thriving and Surviving in Grad School

Week 2 of the semester is just about done and I’m not hating it any less than I was last week when I shared the six struggles of graduate school students I wish my friends and family would understand. Judging from the comments, many of my fellow grad students feel my pain, but there was one comment in particular that really stuck with me. The comment was from someone who said she would be starting grad school in March and while she was already nervous, my post had made her even more nervous. (more…)

The Perfect Girls Night Out

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Guess what Royals!?! I made it out of the house this past weekend and was actually dressed, makeup and everything! After surviving a long first week back to school, I decided I deserved a little reward. An invitation from one of my dearest friends to try a local sushi spot, Cafe Mochi, followed by going to a bar I’d never been to fit the bill for the perfect girls night out. Cafe Mochi is located on South Grand between Arsenal and Chippewa, where all of the other restaurants in this area are. It has a VERY small parking lot, but if you’re lucky you can find a spot on Grand or the residential street just beside the restaurant. Cafe Mochi itself is super cute, intimate, and an awesome neighborhood find. While I will always be a Drunken Fish girl at heart, I can’t deny that Cafe Mochi has some pretty tasty sushi. Additionally, their prices for sushi are pretty on par with Drunken Fish, but the drinks do seem to be a little cheaper. Cafe Mochi definitely makes for an awesome meal when you’re craving sushi and don’t want to venture far from home. (more…)

How to plan 60+ meals with less than $250

The Boy and I are self-proclaimed foodies. One of our favorite things to do together is to try new restaurants and/or recipes. If you’ve been here before you’ve seen pictures of my honey and from what people tell me he’s a big guy. Despite his appearance, he generally doesn’t eat a shockingly absurd amount. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a man so he can put away some food, but he’s not eating us out of house and home. Anyway, even though I love food and like most people prefer the foods that have been deemed “unhealthy”, we try to make conscious decisions about what we put in our bodies and as always I try to avoid breaking the bank when I grocery shop. We have developed a system that keeps our spending down, let’s us consume healthy meals while allowing a little cheating, and gives us enough groceries to last no less than two weeks. After our trip to the grocery store last weekend, The Boy suggested that I share our strategies for how we get 60+ meals for less than $250. (more…)