How to Upgrade your Outfit in Less than 60 seconds

I’m not sure what has been going on lately, but The Boy and I have had an insanely full social calendar. Almost every weekend, for the past six weeks, we have had at least one social obligation. From birthday dinners to Halloween parties, our friends have kept us busy. Two Saturday’s ago we ended up double booked and being the people we are we couldn’t possibly cancel on either event. One of the events was a double date to the super swanky Flamingo Bowl, followed by a movie at MX Movies. The other was a dinner with friends to celebrate their upcoming nuptials at a nice restaurant where they had their first date, followed by a lounge or night club. Hopefully by now, you all are realizing these occasions call for VERY different outfits. I guess I could have gone to bowling and a movie overdressed, but seeing as we were with another couple, I didn’t want to look super out-of-place. With that being said, I set out to find an outfit that was casual enough for bowling, but would allow me to upgrade my outfit in less than 60 seconds.


Mommy’s Chicken and Seafood Gumbo Recipe

With the weather getting cooler, I’m craving good hearty foods. While I’m a mid-west girl at heart, I cannot resist cuisine associated with the south. When my mom invited me to learn how she makes gumbo, I knew from all the other times she was right, that this was an opportunity I could not miss. Gumbo is one of the most well known dishes associated with Louisiana. Generally, gumbo is a thick dark colored soup that contains vegetables, rice, meat and/or seafood. The cool thing about gumbo, is that cooks can customize the ingredients to their liking, so long as they include rice and something to thicken it. We used a gumbo recipe from The Traveler’s Lunchbox as the basis of our recipe. (more…)

Affordable Fashion: My 5 Fall-to-Winter Favorites

This fall, the weather has been so crazy and unpredictable in St. Louis. I’d usually have pulled out my heavy sweaters, down coats, and Uggs by now, but apparently Mother Nature has other plans and I’m taking full advantage! Accustomed to going from 85 degree shorts weather to 30 degree parka weather seemingly overnight, I was ill prepared for the in-between. I decided to go on the hunt for some affordable fall-to-winter must-haves. I am happy to report, I found five items that I feel every fashionista should have in their closet. I have fallen in love with my thigh high lace-ups, all things with fringe, open toed booties, floppy hats, and blanket scarves. (more…)

The Royal Guide to Time Management

If any of you are anything like me, saying that you’re busy doesn’t even begin to properly describe your life. Between graduate school, working a full-time job, being an after-school nanny, my part-time job at Mastermind MGT, blogging, and all of my other obligations there is almost ALWAYS something that needs to be done. When I factor in needing to have time to myself and spending time with other people (The Boy, my family, etc.), it’s easy to get overwhelmed, say screw it all, and pour a glass of wine. Unfortunately, that approach comes back to bite me in the long run and simply delays everything which has to be done. I keep on top of everything by planning ahead, staying extremely organized, and utilizing what I consider advanced time management skills. I figure the most effective way to convey how I get everything done would be to share what a typical week day looks like for me and the tools I use to survey them. (more…)

Restaurant Review: Brunch at Brasserie by Niche

Last week a childhood friend who recently moved back to St. Louis hit me up about going to brunch. I’m embarrassed to admit that she’s been back for a few months and I still hadn’t even seen her so when she text me about brunch there was no way I wasn’t going. She asked me to suggest my favorite brunch spot and I realized I didn’t have one. While I anticipate the day I move to a brand new city, I’m guilty of not appreciating the things that make St. Louis great. She took to google and found Brasserie by Niche on several lists of popular brunch places in St. Louis. Being that I’m indecisive, I looked up the menu a few days before and I must admit I wasn’t very impressed or excited, but I was dead wrong. (more…)