Meeting people and forging relationships online have come a long way. Every year, developers have become more creative in releasing different kinds of dating applications to cater to everyone’s needs.

Online dating has started to pick up its pace, especially with the younger generation. Because of lack of time due to busy work schedules, most young professionals turn to applications such as Tinder, Happn, and VieLoco to meet other people. Cupid can now find your match even while you sleep!

However, some still find meeting people through social apps unconventional. Others find it harder to trust someone they’ve met online than someone they’ve met around the neighborhood.

We live in a digital world and it seems that more and more social connections are being made online. Thanks to guest contributor, Meghan Roces, the pros & cons of meeting people through apps have been divulged. Pros & Cons of Meeting People Through Apps

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using social apps so you can decide whether it’s something you might be interested in.


  1. Dishonesty. Everyone can be anyone online. They can fake their names, jobs, age, personality and even their appearance—thanks to filters and photo-editing applications. Even after back and forth conversations, you can never really know a person online. Reserve your judgment until you’ve met them in person.
  1. Perverts. Unfortunately, some people who use online dating apps are perverts. Dating applications somehow turned into hookup apps for some who aren’t really looking for friends and long-term relationships but are only there for the one-night stands.
  1. Swindlers. If there are perverts, there are also swindlers. Sad to say, some people are there only to make money. Be careful with who you trust online and make sure to do your research before meeting up in person.
  1. No excitement. The idea of codes and algorithms take the fun out of dating. The serendipity of meeting strangers is gone. We become overconfident about meeting people with the use of dating apps that we tend to work much less for the result, and dating becomes less exciting.

pros & cons of meeting people through apps


  1. Variety. Dating applications allow you to meet various people from all walks of life that you’d never expect to meet in real life unless you have the luxury and time to travel a lot. They come from different places and have diverse cultures and views in life, which become an eye-opener to help you meet someone who can introduce you to new things.
  1. You can get what you want. Do you prefer casual flings? Steady dating? Just friends? You can be upfront with what you’re looking for, and chances are, they will feel the same way. If the other person doesn’t, you can always delete them and move on.
  1. Less Pressure. Meeting someone online gives you the time and space you need to decide about the person you are currently talking to. You can take the time to learn more about them through research and shared conversations, and if it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to worry about running across them on the street.
  1. No guesswork. The great thing about meeting people online is there won’t be any guessing with the person you are dating. There’s no need to list down punch lines and sharing awkward first date conversations since most people you meet online are those whom you have common interests with. 
  1. Options. With billions of people using dating applications, it’s impossible for you not to find your perfect match. Applications such as VieLoco helps you find the right person to talk to by sharing your passions. Options such as music genres, preferred activities, favorite food, and movies are available to help you find your best match.
  1. Finding the love of your life. This is the best part of both online and real-life dating. I know it sounds odd, but finding the love of your life online is possible. Even if the method is unconventional, the results can be the same.

If you’re still unsure, you can try creating your profile and reveal less about yourself. That way, you can test the waters without losing anything. Who knows? Your soulmate might be just one tap away!

I really appreciate Meghan’s insight into the world of meeting people online. I signed up for a site that allows like minded people to meet others through meet ups, actual hangouts for the group. Unfortunately, I’ve never felt comfortable enough to go. It is probably because I have thought of all of these cons and very few of these pros. Prior to now, I was pretty skeptical of meeting people online, but Meghan has helped me to realize it may not be too bad.



Meghan Roces is considered a social butterfly due to her overwhelming energy and charisma, as proven by people who get to meet her. She also loves traveling and has been to a few amazing places around the world. However, one can only have such energy, and sometimes, Meghan would opt to lie low and have an alone time—curled up in bed with a really good book.



Have you ever met anyone online? Got any advice on meeting people online?


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10 comments on “GUEST POST: The Pros & Cons of Meeting People Through Apps”

  1. I’ve never heard of apps for dating but it sounds interesting! I’ve heard of websites (and the cons of those scare me so much)! But I never really looked at the pros. This post helped balance my perspective!

  2. I’ve never used an app to meet anyone. I guess I’m just content with my friends and happily married :). I think it’s a great tool if you move to a city where you know no one.

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