I confessed a while back that I wasn’t much of a makeup wearer, but since I started this blog I’ve been making a greater effort to step my game up. I certainly believe there is a certain level of education necessary when you’re diving into an unknown pool. So I haven’t just been trying to learn about new trends, I’ve also been trying to increase my knowledge about makeup itself. As always, I want to share my new knowledge with all of my Royals, especially those who are also trying to step their makeup game up!

Makeup is expensive stuff and there is a lot more to know about it than just the current trends. Check out these 3 facts everyone should know about makeup!

3 Facts Everyone Should Know About Makeup

  1. Makeup expires. It’s a mystery to me why I’ve never seen an expiration date on any of my makeup products. Despite this, apparently this stuff we spend so much money on doesn’t last forever! Here are the approximate durations that you should keep some of the most popular products women own:
    1. Foundation ~1-2 years
    2. Concelear ~1 year
    3. Eye Shadow ~6 months-2 years (creams don’t last as long as powders)
    4. Mascara ~4-6 months (don’t forget to NEVER pump it ladies)
    5. Eyeliner ~6 months-1 year (liquids don’t last as long)
  2. Organic Makeup Exists. Organic makeup and natural makeup are not the same thing.Natural makeup is made from pure and undiluted plant derivatives and contain no additives like mercury, alcohol, DEA, nitrosamines, alcohol, isopropyl and polyethylene glycol, or preservatives.Organic makeup is natural makeup, but is from plants of organic sources. It is created from ingredients that do not have any affiliation with genetically modified organisms. Organic makeup companies must meet strict standards as it relates to all of their ingredients and processes.
  3. There are Fish Scales in Lipstick. *clutches pearls* I was SHOCKED to learn that I owe the shine in my lipstick to fish scales. Before you start throwing out your lipsticks because you think you’re rocking nemo, only ones that  list “pearlescence” on their ingredient list have the fish scales. Many companies now use a synthetic version of pearlescence, but some do not. If it matters to you, it’s worth doing your research.

I’ve known this first fact for quite some time, but often have to consult google for how long specific products last and I’m definitely guilty of keeping some things past their expiration date. I mean come on, this stuff is expensive and I don’t use it everyday! You want to be sure to keep a careful eye out for any changes in your makeup products. If you see a change, throw it out! I also don’t spend much time agonizing over ingredients, I typically just take the recommendation of my favorite Sephora sales woman. However, you should definitely be aware of these three facts so that you know what you’re putting on your face. After all, you’ve only got one face and you’ve got to take care of it!

Did you know any of these facts? What other makeup facts should we all know?

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13 comments on “3 Facts Everyone Should Know About Makeup”

  1. FISH SCALES?!?!?!? Who would have thunk?! Lol. Although I don’t think that’s going to impact my lipstick addiction, that’s really odd and I’m going to think twice today when I’m applying. I’m going to be checking all the ingredients now, for sure.


  2. I had no idea my lip gloss had fish scales in it! That’s crazy. I love this post, I did know about the expiration for mascara, but not the other types of make up. I have such a hard time throwing it away because I never use it up in the time before it expires!

  3. Wow fish scales!!! Who knew! That’s good to know about the difference between organic and natural make up. I’m a big natural make up fan, to be honest I would have assumed that organic make up would be natural.,,, but there you go.

    Lennae xxx

  4. May I also add that makeup brand claiming they are “organic” are more expensive . Whih sometimes makes me wonder their authenticity, or just adding the label organic to add some dollar.

  5. I try my best to always stick with organic makeup. But then again I like to be as natural as possible, so I enjoy looking beautiful with just a little mascara

  6. Oh what a great post idea! I didn’t know fish scales are in make up. Also organic is definitely the way to go but so expensive 🙁

  7. Wow, I didn’t know make expired. I really need to get rid of some of my makeup asap. I don’t wear it a lot so, I thought I was good. Thanks for the info.

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