Although I know how to spot a well dressed man, men’s fashion has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I can’t tell you what the current trends are or call off the names of things the way I can with women’s fashion. Despite being a female blogger, I genuinely want Royalty in Reality to be for everyone. When Claire approached me about writing an article for men on how to style a blue suit, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to show my royal romeos a little love. Without further ado, here is Claire’s take on how to make a brighter blue suit a style power play.

Every man should consider adding a bright blue suit to his wardrobes. It's a total style power play!

The fashion trends are evolving rapidly, with each passing year the fashion industry comes up with new styles and trends. Are you among those who want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends? Well the news is that wearing a brighter shade of blue suit is a style power play. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a blue suit. If you already own a navy blue dress than its time that you try a brighter shade of blue. A bright blue suit can work like magic if you want to seek attention of the people round you, be it in a party or a business meeting or a night in the town with friends. This blue color suit will define you, it will make you stand out among the others and you can actually steal the audience with this perfect outfit. So if you want to make an impression and mesmerize the people around you a blue suit must be your first reference. Scientists say that blue color invokes the feelings of trust, confidence, stability and security- All the more reasons to opt for a blue suit! So by just wearing a blue suit you will be giving out so many messages without being aware of it. There is one thing that you need to take care of, and that is, if you are opting for a brighter shade of blue you will have to keep other things simple. To know about them read below:

style power play

1.A simple white shirt

You can wear a simple buttoned up white dress shirt. It will pair perfectly with the bright shade of blue giving you an aura of sophistication. You can also go with other light colors of your choice but make sure that you choose only those colors that give more definition to the blue color instead of masking it.

style power play

2. Tie or no tie?

You will look good without a tie but if you want to add a tie, you can add a light colored one or you can use colors like burgundy and black that will stand out giving a more formal look. Just keep in mind that a printed tie will not go with this outfit. You can also put a napkin matching with the color of your tie in your pocket. Just be creative and think about brightening things up.

style power play

3. Selection of shoes

To pull this outfit together you need to choose your shoes very wisely you can wear leather shoes to give it a more formal look or you can just go with minimalist sneakers or Chelsea boots for a more dressed down appearance.Just remember to match your shoes with the color of belt you are wearing.

No matter how you wear it, a well-stitched, brighter blue suit is a perfect way to stay all dressed up without feeling too much formal or buttoned-up. Think of it as secret weapon for staying trendy and stylish.

Contributed by Claire Ashley                                               

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12 comments on “GUEST POST: A Brighter Blue Suit is a Style Power Play”

  1. Suits like these always remind me of the south. I saw so many like this in Charleston and loved the style. Definitely great for spring!

  2. Blue dominates my husband’s wardrobe majorly. At times, I feel so bored to see him in similar shades. But one blue suit is a must in every male wardrobe.

  3. I have to admit that I’m not one for keeping up with the latest trends and fashions, I have my own style and that works, Trends often come and go and may not suit everyone. My Hubby loves blue clothes though he has yet to own a blue suit but I really love it, it’s such a great alternative to the regular black or grey.

    Ellie |

  4. I will say that there is something so sexy about a man in a nice suit. I’ve always been a fan. The shoes really do make or break the look.

  5. My hubby wore a brighter blue suit on our engagement and he looked quite handsome in it. I love the shades of blue on men rather than conventional black or gray.

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