Getting a new job is always exciting. You’re either thrilled about an increase in pay or you’re FINALLY putting your degree to use and following your passion. Days turn into months, months turn into years, and you’re once awesome new job is now a soul sucking torturous place you spend 40 hours each week. Your change of opinion could be for various reasons, but the fact remains that you’re no longer loving it and it feels like a bit of a dead end. Worry not Royals, I’m here to give you a 6 step guide to help you survive your dead end job.

Are you bored with your current job? Dread going each day? You're not alone and there are actually things you can do to survive your dead end job!

6 Steps Guide to Surviving Your Dead End Job

  1. Realize you aren’t alone – I read somewhere that millennials don’t typically stay at a job longer than 5 years. This means that many of your peers are probably feeling restless and in need of a change too. Reach out to your close friends, voice your frustration, and don’t be surprised to find out they’re feeling a little dead inside too.
  2. Be grateful you have a Job – The US unemployment rate is currently around 5% or approximately 7.5 million people. Being without a job is no fun when you’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed. While you may not be at your dream job, things could be a whole lot worse.
  3. Try to name 3 things you like about your job every Monday – Monday’s seem to be the hardest day of the week when you’re coming off two days of freedom and heading back to your own personal prison. Try to make Monday’s a little less bleak by vocalizing (or writing) 3 things you like about your job. I’m willing to bet you didn’t always dislike it, so there have to be reasons you applied in the first place.
  4. Expand your skills by taking on a new task – I think of this tip as “making the best out of a bad situation”. Find a new  task at work and give it your all. The new task will be an enjoyable break from the monotony of your current daily routine.
  5. Find something outside of work to get excited about – Having something to look forward to when the work day ends will help the hours go by faster. It could be a side hustle or even a hobby, but it will bring some happiness to your life and keep you distracted from the things you don’t like about your job.
  6. Get your sh*t together and find a new job – It honestly just may time for you to call it quits and find a job that will make you happy. Spend some time updating your resume and start applying for jobs. I highly recommend doing a little soul searching to pinpoint exactly what it is you want out of a job, so you don’t find yourself in another dead end job.

I know first hand how hard it can be going to a job you don’t love, but with some self reflection and effort you can make things better. Perhaps this dead end job is just the push you need to find your true passion and head in a  new direction.

Have you ever worked at a dead end job? How did you get yourself out of your rut?


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19 comments on “6 Step Guide to Surviving Your Dead End Job”

  1. Now a days it is be grateful you have a job and it has health benefits. Good reminder to hang onto what you have while looking for something better.

  2. I think it really comes down to getting your shit together and getting a new job. Some jobs are for moving up, some for learning skills and some for passing time. I don’t have time for jobs that are just about passing time anymore. If you are unhappy you have to do something about it besides bitch and moan. You’re right it’s a blessing to have a job but if you aren’t happy build something better or find something better. It’s like how they say, “You can’t pitch about politics if you don’t boat.” You can’t bitch about your job, if you aren’t trying to improve it or yourself at least.”

  3. These are great tips! I’m especially fond of Number 5, since Side Hustling is what I do! Side Hustles provide a GREAT escape from a traditional 9 to 5. Work around your dead end job and who knows, maybe that hustle will be so profitable that you can quit to pursue it full-time!

  4. I have endured shitty jobs and have had to plug away remembering that it is better than unemployment. I put my mind to it and persevered. I did enjoy your post on how to deal with a dead end job though!

  5. It really does come down to just finding another job (a BETTER one). But in the meantime, I have found that taking some time out to write down 10 GOOD things about your job can help a lot. It can help shift your perception. And perception is everything. I also really like your advice to give yourself something to look forward to. That’s an excellent idea!

  6. I love my job, but even when you love your job, there are days where you feel burned out and exhausted. I like the tips you mentioned above. I know when I have something to look forward to near the end of the week, it makes it a little more bearable to get through the week!

  7. Being grateful is a big one. There are so many people looking for dependable work, you have to be thankful for that income. I think it is a good idea if you hate your job that much, take steps to get your dream job. It will not be easy but so worth it in the long run

  8. I am thankful I have a job especially with these high rates of unemployment but if the job was sucking the life out of me without reward then I would kiss it goodbye lol

  9. I like this list, especially #2. We live in such a me-first, instant-gratification world that it sometimes makes us impatient and arrogant.

    I like that you highlighted the need to be grateful. When you’re that way, you learn to put on your big girl (or boy) undies and deal with what happens to EVERYONE- life. Thanks for this.

  10. Thanks for sharing these tips.. I think another point I could share is never bring your work at home, and home problems at work, to ease the stress and loving and enjoying both ends.

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