Today’s blog post was scheduled to be about a simple, yet cute outfit I wore this past weekend to The Boy’s cousin’s birthday party. The thing is, I didn’t even make it out of the house. I was mentally/physically exhausted and while I wanted to celebrate her milestone, I couldn’t pull myself together to put on real clothes (i.e., a bra), comb my hair, put on make up, brave the cold, and be in a club. So as I sat at the computer trying to think up fake words to accompany my pre-shot photos, it dawned on me that I was doing both my readers and myself a disservice. Instead of trying to make you guys think I was looking fabulous and twerking in the club this weekend, I thought I’d address the reason why I had to skip out on the partying. In two simple words, the reason is graduate school. If you have a full-time working graduate student in your life there are  some grad school struggles you simply must understand and learn to accept. (more…)