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Royalty in Reality’s Best of Fall 2017 List

Looking at my calendar and weather app, it’s the third week of October and it was 90 degrees this past Saturday (thank you global warming). Despite these summer-like temperatures, it is indeed fall and we should all be anticipating cooler temps. Truth be told, we’ve had a few cooler temp days sprinkled in here and there and I’ve immediately pulled out my booties. While I hate the fact that the days have gotten shorter, I’m ready for all things fall! I figured as a blogger it was my duty to make sure all of my Royals were ready for the temperature drop, because let’s be real it could happen tomorrow, and share the things I’m deeming “the best of fall 2017”. From fashion to recipes to things to do, prepare for me to unload all things fall! (more…)

Royalty in Reality is Officially ONE!

That’s right Royals, Royalty in Reality is officially one year old! I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed and all that I’ve accomplished running the blog in my “spare time”. I also can’t thank the people who have played a role in this journey enough for their loyalty, support, and encouragement. While I am tremendously proud of my little piece of the internet and grateful for all those that have supported it, there is so much more I want to do with Royalty in Reality. (more…)

The Royal Travel Guide to Kansas City, MO

Approximately two weeks ago we took a trip to a place that has become our home away from home, Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City is only a 3.5ish hour drive from St. Louis and with two high school besties and a college buddy up there it makes for one of my favorite weekend getaways. The frequency of our trips probably has me a little bias, but I firmly believe Kansas City is a fun, affordable destination that young couples and families alike can enjoy. Kansas City reminds me a lot of St. Louis, in that sports are huge, there are lots of places to shop, and it isn’t as face pace as cities like Chicago or Atlanta. (more…)

How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

The first day of Fall isn’t until Thursday, but the days are already getting shorter and the temperatures a little cooler. I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that Summer is over. I’m not ready for shorter days or cooler temps, BUT I am welcoming fall fashion with open arms. For right now the weather seems to be a little chilly when the sun is down and hot as heck when it’s not. This makes getting dressed that much more difficult when you’re trying to keep warm during your morning commute, but don’t want to sweat like a big at lunch. Today, I thought I’d share some tips on how to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall to make getting dressed in the morning a little bit easier.  (more…)

The Perfect Girls Night Out

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Guess what Royals!?! I made it out of the house this past weekend and was actually dressed, makeup and everything! After surviving a long first week back to school, I decided I deserved a little reward. An invitation from one of my dearest friends to try a local sushi spot, Cafe Mochi, followed by going to a bar I’d never been to fit the bill for the perfect girls night out. Cafe Mochi is located on South Grand between Arsenal and Chippewa, where all of the other restaurants in this area are. It has a VERY small parking lot, but if you’re lucky you can find a spot on Grand or the residential street just beside the restaurant. Cafe Mochi itself is super cute, intimate, and an awesome neighborhood find. While I will always be a Drunken Fish girl at heart, I can’t deny that Cafe Mochi has some pretty tasty sushi. Additionally, their prices for sushi are pretty on par with Drunken Fish, but the drinks do seem to be a little cheaper. Cafe Mochi definitely makes for an awesome meal when you’re craving sushi and don’t want to venture far from home. (more…)