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Spice Up Your Workout at the New Creve Coeur CycleBar

Spring has officially sprung and the race is on to get your body summer ready! For over a year, the Boy and I have been trying to make exercise a regular part of our routine. As I’m sure you can imagine, we go through phases where we are in the gym 5x/week and others where we skip a whole week. He is much more diligent about working out than I am, as I tend to get bored of the same machines day after day. Lucky for me, a friend told me about a CycleBar opening in Creve Coeur and I jumped at the chance to spice up my workout routine with a few free classes.  (more…)

3 Exercises You Can Do at Work

Approximately 1.5 weeks ago I became the owner of an Apple Watch. The Boy got one for his birthday in December and my only child toy envy immediately kicked in. I’d been lusting for one and finally broke down and purchased one. While I’m skeptical about my new toys worth, it has forced me to realize how sedentary my lifestyle is. One of the watch’s features is a stand goal, which serves to make sure you stand up and move for at least one minute each hour. My first few days with the watch, I didn’t meet my goal, and that was when I realized just how inactive I am. I immediately began to wonder if this was the reason my clothes have been a little more snug lately. (more…)