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Restaurant Review: Brunch at Cielo Restaurant & Bar

The only thing I think I love as much as I do clothes/shopping is eating. Whether it’s a restaurant or a recipe from pinterest, if the rest of the world is feeling it, I more than likely willing to try it. I particularly love trying new restaurants and sharing them with all of you. When my girls hit me up about going to brunch at Cielo, a rooftop restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis, I was all in! (more…)

3 Reasons You Need a Best Friend at Work and How to Find One

I’m a firm believer that friendships develop in the most unlikely of places. Most people don’t go to work to make friends, but if they are fortunate enough to connect with someone the relationship may not get too deep since after all you know one another professionally. However, I’ve been blessed not just to find someone I kind of like at my job, but someone that I actually want to spend time with outside of work and in the short time that we’ve been closer probably knows me as well as my college friends. Now while some of you may think I’m crazy for letting a co-worker into my inner circle, I’m here to tell you that it has made me realize we all need to have a best friend at work! (more…)

3 Things You Should Know BEFORE Agreeing to be a Bridesmaid

It’s finally happened, one of your dearest friends is engaged! You’re both over the moon and frantically pinning any wedding related pin you can find.Once the excitement of the moment wears off, she’s got a lot of decisions to make, one of which is selecting the ladies that will stand beside her as she says “I Do”. You check the mail one day and you’ve got the cutest “bridesmaid proposal” from her and now it’s time for you to make a decision. The immediate and natural reaction is to immediately accept, BUT there are three things you should know before agreeing to be a bridesmaid: (more…)

3 Ways to Keep in Touch with Old Friends + Thursday 3 Link Up

Over the weekend, an old friend from college texted me out of the blue. Though I shouldn’t have been, I was surprised to hear from her. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s because of her diligence that we keep in touch. Our exchange really made me realize just how many friends from college or high school I haven’t talked to in a while. I dug a little deeper to try to understand why I was allowing so much time to lapse between interactions with women who were once my closet confidants. I realized, with the help of the friend that texted me, social media is to blame. With snap chat, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s very easy to very easy to stay privy to what your friends are up to. It leads to a false sense of closeness because you know (on the surface) what’s going on in their lives, but you’re totally missing all the stuff that’s maybe not picture perfect. I’m going to make it a point to try to keep in touch with old friends by utilizing the following strategies. (more…)

Introducing “Dear Roxy C” – Your Virtual Best Friend

During my undergrad days at the University of Miami, one of my favorite things to do was read the “Dear V” column of the school’s news paper. This special column featured anonymous letters to V, an unknown member of the writing staff I assume. Students were able to write to V about any problems they were facing be it at home, at school, or at work and V would provide unbiased friendly advice. I loved the thrill of seeing what was going on in my peers lives, but what really resonated with me was the manner in which V offered advice.  V was always compassionate and spoke to her writer’s like she knew them personally and they were her best friend. I want to be that virtual best friend for all of my Royals in reality. (more…)