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3 Tips to Make a Day at Home More Productive

Like most millennials, I work all day and then just want to come home and crawl in bed. This leads to a back up of household chores and adulting to be done. Whether it’s the weekend or a much needed day off work, I look forward to any day I get to spend at home and I typically don’t want to spend it being responsible. However, my avoidant behavior does nothing for the laundry climbing the wall, so I try my best to be sure I have productive days when I’m home. My theory is that if I can get everything done, I can sit around and do nothing; so I stick to some guidelines to make my days at home more productive. Since you all are my online besties, I want to share my tips with all of you: (more…)

How to Get Your (Last Minute) Spring Cleaning Done

It has been quite the eventful few weeks at my house. As all of you know, we had the whole little white dog shakers syndrome scare with Daisy a few weekends go. Then we had a full weekend of celebrating Mother’s Day.This past weekend I attended Go Blog Social (which was AMAZING) and we took a class. My point is that we’ve been SWAMPED the past few weekends and I’m realizing how neglected our home has been. We have an excellent team of women that clean our home, but we don’t have them deep clean. Now that spring has sprung, my allergies are running ramped, all of the spiders and creepy crawlers have resurfaced, and we desperately need give the nooks and crannies of our house some TLC. This is why I put together a spring cleaning checklist for myself and any other royals needing to quickly do a little extra cleaning. (more…)