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Review of IndianHair.Net Hair Extensions

Exactly one year ago, I set out on a journey to be a naturalista. I was on a mission to go without applying heat to my hair. I tried perm rods. flat twists, and even a puff, but concluded that wearing natural hairstyles required WAY too much time and effort for me. After that short journey, I returned back to the world of weave (or extensions if you want to be politically correct). For my latest hairstyle, I decided to order hair from IndianHair.Net, but before I dive in to my review I want provide a little extra information about hair extensions in general. (more…)

The Beauty of Box Braids

Hey there Royals. I’m back today with an update on my natural hair journey. If you recall, my journey started when I tried to rock various forms of flat twists and twist outs. The experience was somewhat unpleasant, so I moved on and tried the Dessign Essentials STS Express.  While I liked this strengthening therapy system, it didn’t really do much in terms of protecting my hair from heat damage. I was still washing, blow drying, and flat ironing bi-weekly. After eating everything under the sun during the holiday season, The Boy and I decided to recommit to working out so we could be sexy for summer. This meant I needed to get a hairstyle that could withstand workouts but also be cute. The solution, box braids! (more…)

What You Need to Know About the Design Essentials STS Express

One of the best things about being in my mid-20s is the personal growth everyone encourages. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring my likes and dislikes. I’ve found that one of my dislikes is doing my hair. Several months ago I took my best shot at becoming a naturalista and long story short it was a hot mess. I found out I’m terrible at doing flat twists and all the styles I tried take way too much time for me to be doing them multiple times each week. After that “journey”, I still wasn’t ready to return to the world of protective styling, so based off a recommendation from my hair stylist, I decided to try the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System Express.  (more…)

My Quest to become a Naturalista

I LOVE HAIR WEAVE! Long weave, short weave, red weave, blonde weave….pretty much anything that even closely resembles a natural hair color I’m all for it (I’m not bold enough to rock blue hair). Unfortunately for me, The Boy does not share my passion for weave and after several months of various protective sew-in styles he asked me to let me hair breath (-__-). Determined not to loose all of the healthy hair gains I’d achieved from months not manipulating my hair, I refused to cause damage to my hair by frequently straightening it. So just like that I decided to become a naturalista! I’d pinned so many cool hair do’s on Pinterest and watched enough Youtube videos to be an expert….or so I thought. My mom and I thought a perm rod set would be super cute, so we gathered our supplies and set off. It took FOREVER to get all the rods in my hair and we couldn’t figure out how to get them tight to my scalp. (more…)