Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and if you haven’t made any plans you better keep reading. Valentine’s Day is a holiday usually catered to and centered around women. I’m not sure who made the rules, but somewhere along the way this holiday became men proving/professing their love to their woman while the woman sat back and soaked it all in. Now, I’m all for being spoiled and having The Boy shower me with love, BUT I think it’s unfair that a day reserved for lovers only celebrates the love in one direction. I like to shower The Boy with love and believe it’s important that he also feels special on Valentine’s Day. However, it can be a little tricky finding an activity that’s not too girly. but actually shows love in a way he will perceive as such. This is why I’m sharing 3 great Valentine’s Day ideas for him that your man will love!

Let's flip the script this year ladies and make Valentine's Day all about him! Check out these 3 great ideas Valentine's Day Ideas for him your man will love!

3 Great Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

  1. Surprise him with an afternoon doing is favorite activity. In my opinion, many men live by the “happy wife, happy life” motto and often adopt go with the flow attitudes to keep drama at a low. At my house, this usually results in participating in activities that I like, more often than ones The Boy does. A great way to show your man some love is to plan an afternoon doing something he likes, even if you don’t like doing it. This will show him that his happiness matters to you and that you’re willing to be a good sport by planning, participating, and enjoying one of his favorite pastimes.
  2. Give him a sexy massage. I think it’s safe to assume that sex will be a part of most couple’s Valentine’s Day plans. That’s usually at least one gift women give their men and they usually make it special with lingerie/costumes. Up the ante this year by getting all dolled up, pulling out the massage oil (or baby oil if you’re on a budget like me), maybe some edible stuff if you’re into that, and give him a massage. Regardless of his profession, your man probably works hard and naturally tension will build. Relieve his stress by giving him the ultimate sexy rub down.
  3. Flip the script and take him to dinner. As I already noted, Valentine’s Day is usually all about us ladies. Most couples celebrate with a fancy expensive meal. When bae goes to retrieve his wallet to pay the bill, surprise him by telling him you’ve got it this time. He’ll be surprised and appreciative of your gesture. I know for a fact this one works because I actually did it with The Boy back in the day when we were just talking…I’m convinced that was the moment he knew he needed to get rid of all the other girls on his roster.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of love. An excuse for each of us to spoil our partner a little extra. While I’m sure The Boy has something sweet planned for me, make no mistake I’ve definitely been brainstorming ideas for him. I hope that all of you will love on your partner a little extra on Tuesday and remember how fortunate you are to have someone to share these special moments with.

What do you have planned for your partner for Valentine’s Day? Got any other ideas a man would love?

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8 comments on “3 Great Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him + Thursday 3 Link Party”

  1. We are going to a gallery to watch an artist we like doing a live painting. I’m pretty excited about it. Since I’m in Texas, I might be obliged to go to Taco Tuesday at his favorite place as we have a taco restaurant rivalry.

  2. I LOVE this point of view. I also agree that our men are often overlooked and deserve to be treated for Valentine’s Day as well. Thank you for sharing these great tips!

  3. Your ideas are spot-on! My husband is always begging for a massage; I can never keep up so Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to gift him one. And food is another one that really can’t be beat. I bet an extra special home-cooked meal would do wonders.

  4. I wish I was good at massages! Apparently my hands are too weak for DJ’s “strong muscles” (his words, not mine). Maybe I just need more practice LOL. I love the first idea. If DJ were here, he would totally love a surprise visit to the gun range for V-Day.


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