When I peruse Facebook I can’t help but notice my peers living these seemingly cushy lives. They all seem to have these super cool jobs and are buying houses, getting married, and having babies, all while I’m plotting how to evade Sallie Mae and how to go to medical school for free. Their lives on Facebook totally depict the life 15-year-old me thought I’d have too. Go to elite high school. Go to top college. Party like there is no tomorrow. Fall in love. Graduate. Go to medical school. Get married by 24/25. First kid by 26/27. Nowhere in there did I factor in not being accepted to medical school, student loans/debt, cohabiting before marriage, a master’s degree, or even Royalty in Reality.

Before I go any further, I want you all to know I’m happy with where my life is now and feel that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I have a pretty hunky boyfriend (The Boy) of 3.5 years, a loving family, two healthy dogs, an adorable two bedroom apartment, a car to get me where I need/want to go, and more friends than I can keep up with. I’ve been blessed to have received the finest education since pre-k and can see the finish line for my Master’s degree. I work full time as an office manager and have two part time jobs, one as a nanny (world’s best birth control) and the other as an Assistant Consultant at Mastermind Mangement, LLC. By the standards of any person with a lick of sense, I am abundantly blessed.

The Boy and I during the 2014 holiday season
World meet Daisy and Thor

But let me tell you, I didn’t have all of that immediately following graduation. Upon graduation, I didn’t have a job or place of my own and knew my post grad “you don’t have to pay your loans” grace period would be over before I knew it. With the help of The Boy and my family, I went into survival mode. By July I still didn’t have a job in psychology (let’s be honest, straight out of undergrad job prospects in this field are nonexistent) and I was getting pretty desperate. I had gone from a care-free life in Miami, spending my money only on gas, lunch with the girls, bi-weekly mani/pedis, and much too short club dresses to freaking out about the car company calling me about the money I owed and not even remembering what a pedicure was. I was very reluctant to create a care.com profile end even more so to apply to a part time job at an after school program, but at the end of the day my good looks weren’t going to keep my car from getting repossessed. This was when things started to turn around for the better. I low key fell in love with the family that hired me and the kids/staff at the after school program were better than I could have ever imagined, and most importantly I finally had some income. Eventually, a former friend offered me my current full time job, I moved on to a new family (who I love equally as much), one of my dearest friends invited me to be a part of her new company, and here I am today.

I decided to start this blog primarily to give myself a break from work and school, but as I really thought about it I realized this blog is as much for me as it is for all of the other somethings out there just trying to get by. I want to inspire anyone dissatisfied with the cards they’ve been dealt to play their hand, beat the odds, and do so while looking good. Just because you’ve now been forced into adulthood it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun along the journey. I am here to provide insight as to how I keep up with trends, eat good food, maintain my relationship and home, all while dealing with the stress of trying to create my own castle.

Got questions or things you’d like to see on Royalty in Reality? Please feel free to leave your comment(s) below or email me at RoyaltyInReality@gmail.com


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