Hey Royals! I feel like I’ve been away from social media and the blog for far too long (I only had one new post last week and have been fairly absent for social media). I’ve been busy adulting, spending a little time with my family, and enjoying being newly engaged. On the wedding front, we’ve got a date in mind (that’s pretty far from now) and I’ve been really trying to figure out where and how to get started. Understandably, the Boy isn’t ready to start wedding planning (nor is he all that into the details), but I on the other hand am eager to get started. You guys know how I live (royal in reality), so you know I’m planning to try to save as much money as possible. I’m using this time before we actually need to book a venue and vendors to do some research (and save money).

Weddings are expensive AF & if you're a bride on a budget, like me you're going to need all the advice you can get on how to save money on your wedding day!

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

So the main thing my research has revealed is that weddings are expensive AF.  It seems that there are at least three factors, within your control, that greatly impact the amount of money you are going to spend. I’ve already realized that these 3 ideas are going to be the key to saving money on our wedding day.

  1. Get married during the off season. I was shocked to learn the difference in price between a March wedding and an April wedding. Not even a thirty day difference could mean double the cost! It seems that January-March are considered “off peak”, while basically April-September and December are “peak months”. If you want to save money on your wedding day you should consider one of the off-peak months. You will be able to take advantage of the high supply and low demand.
  2. Consider an alternative to an open bar. So I’ve passively started creating a budget. Because I’m not in the wedding industry I’ve been trying to allocate money realistically and what I’ve learned is that booze is expensive! There are places here in St. Louis charging $30+/person for 4 hours of “premium” open bar. When I first saw this, I didn’t think it sounded too bad considering a drink in a nice bar could easily cost you $10 so it seemed about right to estimate everyone having at least three drinks. However, that view point quickly changed when I considered the service charge, tax, and multiplied that number by our estimated guest count. Once I saw the figure, I started really thinking about the people who would be invited and concluded majority of them don’t even drink so open bar would really be a waste of money. I’m planning to consider only beer and wine, maybe even beer, wine, and two specialty cocktails, or beer, wine, two specialty cocktails, and a cash bar. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I don’t want to shell out all that money when I know a lot of people won’t be drinking that much.
  3.  F*ck it all and elope. We aren’t even a month in and I’m already kind of over it. While I’ve dreamed of planning my wedding, the pre-wedding activities with my girls, walking down the aisle, and being announced for the first time as as Mrs that’s a lot of money to spend on just one day. Especially when I consider that what’s really most important to me is my marriage, not this wedding. I’ve already contemplated how much simpler it would be (and how much faster it could happen) if we just did something with our immediate family and a few (like 2 each) friends. The money we would save by NOT having a wedding could go toward an AMAZING honeymoon, a down payment on a house, or even a college fund for our future unborn unthought of other than right now children.

At the end of the day, I think it’s most important for a couple to have their priorities in order. No two couple’s are alike so I think a conversation or two is necessary to figure out what’s financially feasible and more importantly what BOTH the bride and groom want from a wedding day. Even though The Boy isn’t all into wedding talk right now, I’m going to continue doing my research so that when he is ready we aren’t starting scratch. Lucky for me all of my girlfriends, my mom, and grandma are letting me talk their ear off about it and his mom seems to be climbing on board too.

What tips do you have on how to save money on your wedding day?

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4 comments on “3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding”

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your first tip! Never thought of that! At least here in Miami during the first few months it’s nice weather, and not so hot like the rest of the year. I hope you find something that you like!

  2. These tips are really helpful with saving money on a wedding. Another thing that I’ve done research on, most typical wedding venues are SO expensive and take up most of the wedding budget. You can have a much more enjoyable and stunning wedding, finding a venue that’s not so typical, like someone’s own property for instance. Doing so will most likely save you up towards $10,000.

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