I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just two days away or that The Boy and I celebrated 6 years of dating and one year of being engaged on Saturday. Since we have celebrated 6 Valentine’s Days and 5 anniversaries, the typical dinner & a movie Valentine’s Day date isn’t terribly enticing. We’ve started to try to do more out of the box things that are worthy of a special occasion. While we are certainly working to expand our own list, I wanted to share of few outside the box Valentine’s Day ideas we’ve thought of or have tried over the years.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you don't want to be caught just going to dinner and a movie with your honey. Check out these 4 outside the box Valentine's Day ideas your honey will love.

4 Outside the Box Valentine’s Day Ideas Your Honey Will Love

  1. Candle Making – Since getting engaged, I’ve had several other brides tell me that I have to get a new perfume for my wedding day so that smell will always trigger memories of my wedding. Smells are known to trigger memories and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to create a candle that will allow you to remember the day over and over again. A friend of mine did this with her husband and then another friend suggested James and I do it too. The place we went to, The Candle Fusion Studio, has over 100 scents to blend together, served both dessert and cocktails, and had live music! I went into it thinking we would pick the same scents, but in typical fashion we did not like the same things. I’m still super excited for us to get our candles back and enjoy scents that will make of us think of Valentine’s Day and our anniversary for many days to come.
  2. Go on trip or stay-cation – I realized last night that The Boy and I have a lot of really great things going on in our careers. The only downside is that we are BUSY what feels like 97% of the time and we don’t have a lot of time to unplug and decompress. If this sounds like you, a relaxing trip is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. If going out of town is out of the question, get a hotel room wherever you are, turn your phone off, and just spend some time with your honey.
  3. Go on your first date again – If you’re looking for a romantic and sentimental idea, you and your honey should re-create your first date. Wear your same outfits, assuming they still fit, and reminisce about your first date and your relationship. The Boy knows I LOVE talking about how far we’ve come and remembering what life was like when we were still deciphering if we really liked each other.
  4. Celebrate on a different day – Society has placed so much emphasis on February 14th that many restaurants offer “specials” that are really just more expensive versions of what they offer every other day of the year with cocktails and/or dessert thrown in. To be honest, I’m not sure if it comes with maturity or what, but celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 15th or the 13th….or any other day for that matter is just as special. If you can stand to save a few dollars, why not be unconventional and celebrate on a different day?

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? What out of the box ideas do you have?

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8 comments on “4 Outside the Box Valentine’s Day Ideas Your Honey Will Love”

  1. These are such great ideas! I love the “go on your first date again” idea! My hubby and I actually did this for our 1 year dating anniversary and went back to the same fair and then the same place for dessert. It was so romantic! Now, we usually try and head back to get the same dessert when we are celebrating something special..like when we got engaged last year, we went back! It’s such a great way to keep the first date memory alive! I think this year for Valentine’s Day, we will be staying home and relaxing and going out on a not so crazy night!

  2. I totally agree with celebrating on a different day! I don’t want to be stuck with the “set menu” for Valentine’s Day–I definitely believe in taking the chance to splurge a little and celebrate all of our years together, but…saving money is good, too! šŸ˜‰

  3. A staycation sounds so good right now. We have a vry long weekend here so we just stayed in and lounged around. We so needed that. I think that’s our Valentines this year. Lol

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