One of my 2016 goals is to monetize this blog. I’ve spent a lot of time reading other blogger’s tips to generate income from a blog, but was having a hard time applying those tips. I felt like I needed to do a few things before I was ready to monetize. Over the weekend I had a blog consultation with my blogger buddy Diana of The Coffee Date. She’s really been helping and teaching me everything I need to know to be a successful blogger. Her biggest piece of advice was to narrow my focus/pick a clear topic. By the end of our conversation, I realized I want make Royalty in Reality all about incorporating budgeting/saving/making money into all aspects of your life. My primary goal is to give you all the tools you need to be well dressed, eat good food, see the world, and enjoy high quality relationships without clearing out your bank account. Don’t worry you will still get fashion/beauty posts, relationship stuff, and recipes.You will just be getting a lot more about saving, budgeting, and fun ways to earn extra income. Today we are going to focus on the latter topic.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to repair any damage we’ve done to our bank accounts. For most people, there is not going to be some huge pile of money dropped in their lap to replace what they spent during the holidays. This means having to find additional ways to earn money. Even if it weren’t the “holiday recovery period”, it’s never a bad idea to have multiple streams of income. According to Grant Cardone, a contributor of, one of the seven secrets of self-made millionaires is to create multiple streams of income. So if we’re thinking BIG picture, we should really have multiple income sources so that we can become multi-millionaires, right?

fun ways to earn extra income

I am proud to report that I have three sources of income and I’m always looking to add more (right after I add several more hours to each day). Having multiple jobs doesn’t mean you eat, breathe, sleep, and work or that you can’t have fun along the way. Here are 4 fun ways to earn extra income.

  1. Become a nanny. I’ve been a child care provider for over three years now and I love it. I’ve been blessed to work with amazing families, whose children I’ve grown to love like my own. I’ve found all of my families through Care.Com. I currently work with two pre-teens 2-4 hours after school Monday-Friday. On average, this brings about an extra $600/month into my home. Additionally, I’ll pick up weekend gigs which can easily be a fast $50-60. This job is ideal for anyone that likes children. I’ve gotten to work with toddlers and pre-teens, both ages have pros and cons. Younger children are adorable and don’t have attitudes, but require a lot more attention and you have to wipe their butts. Older kids are more independent (i.e. wipe their own butt) and are a lot more like younger siblings. I’ve had so much fun watching my current kids discover themselves and mature.
  2. Become a private tutor. Sometimes nannying and tutoring are packaged in the same job. For example, the kids I babysit are middle schoolers and sometimes need homework help. I take off my car pool, hockey stuff toting nanny hat and throw on my tutor one. Alternatively, you can find tutor only gigs through sites such as Care.Com and Varsity Tutors. The ages and subject matters available to you as a tutor are endless. I even considered Varsity Tutors during my first round of MCAT studying. Because of great variability this job offers, the earnings also vary. Depending on the subject and location, some tutors earn up to $30/hour! Just think if you only did two session Monday-Friday day (10 hours total) and charged $20/hour, you would be looking at $800 of extra income every month!
  3. Start a blog. How could I possibly talk about fun ways to earn extra income and NOT mention blogging! This is fairly unchartered territory for me, but according to the internet and several income reports of other bloggers, blogging can be quite lucrative. From what I’ve seen, a lot of bloggers make money through affiliate marketing (you click a link in a blog post, make a purchase, and then the blogger gets a cut at no-cost to you), sponsored posts, and selling ad space. I’m still trying to figure out how to make Royalty In Reality rain coins, but rest assured when I do you all will be among the first to know!
  4. Drive for Uber. A close friend of mine actually drives for Uber and from the stories she’s told she has meet some pretty interesting and entertaining people. For those unfamiliar with Uber, it’s a ride-sharing company which allows smartphone users to request a ride through the app and an Uber driver in the area, who drives their own personal vehicle, will pick you up and take you wherever. From what I understand, drivers serve as independent contractors for Uber. There are some vehicle requirements, i.e. it has to be made after a certain year, and you must pass a background check. According to I Drive with Uber, the average Uber driver makes approximately $19/hour. Of course, this amount depends on where you’re located geographically and other factors. So let’s say you drive for Uber Friday and Saturday nights between 7pm and 1am (the times at which people are probably needing transportation), you stand to make an additional $912 each month! If you’ve never used Uber before, you can use my friend’s code (Chelseyc128) for a “free” (up to $20) ride! If you’re thinking you want to become a driver, sign up to drive for Uber here for you and my friend to get $150!

One thing all four of these potential part-time gigs have in come, is schedule flexibility. This makes it a lot more feasible to actually incorporate one of these jobs into your already hectic life!

Do you have more than one job? What are your favorite ways to make extra money? Can you think of other fun ways to earn extra income? If so, leave your ideas below!


Disclaimer: I am in no way guaranteeing you will make any money by pursuing any of these jobs. You’re success, or lack-there-of, is solely your responsibility.

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30 comments on “4 Fun Ways to Earn Extra Income”

  1. I could drive for Uber. Need to get my license tho. Think I’ll stick with… Twitch donations for now, and begging hubby for cash to order stuffs I don’t really need LOL 😛

    • LOL! That’s a great plan Jenny, especially begging your husband. If ever you change your mind, these ideas will be waiting for u. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I never thought I could start earning money from my blog until end of 2014 when I started to make small amounts like $20 here and there and then 2015 came and boom I had more sponsored opportunities than I could manage and hope to continue in 2016. My dad drives for uber to make extra money. Great ideas.

  3. Cool tips and I’d definitely be interested in any blogs about saving money. The period after Christmas is always the worst and it always happens that loads of bills come together too.

    • My sentiments exactly Cliona! Now that tax season is here, it can’t hurt to have a little extra in case you end up owing. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I was all about your blog before, but now that it’s about all things financial? Consider me a regular reader. 🙂

    Other income streams I can personally vouch for:
    – Etsy (with minimal maintenance, I’ve made more than $1,000 in the past 2 years)
    – Amazon Mechanical Turk (doesn’t pay much, but is good for boring downtime)
    – Research studies (I’ve made good money AND never had to take experimental drugs)
    – Anything that lets you profit from skills you already have! A website called Upwork lets you freelance in just about any area you can imagine. That’s how I get a lot of editing/social media work.

    Happy saving and spending!


    • YAY! I’m so glad to hear that Elizabeth! I realized I needed to spend sometime on one of the things that’s most important to me (i.e. saving money). I will definitely be checking out those income streams you mentioned.


    • You should totally give it a try Ana! From what I’ve gathered you can work as much or as little when you want. You are totally in control, which we all can agree if we have to work that’s the way to do it. Thanks for stopping by.


    • I love Uber! If I didn’t live in a city where a car was pretty much a basic necessity, I’d totally rely on Uber to get me around for special occasions! Thanks for stopping by.


    • I will be heavily invested in looking for opportunities this year! I’ve heard really great things about Blog to Brand and Brand Backers. Hoping to have a little luck with those in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. These are great tips! Being overseas and on a hiatus from grad school, I’ve been looking into possibly becoming an online tutor! It seems like a pretty easy way to bring in some extra cash.


  6. Here are some other ideas: Sell any unwanted Christmas gifts that you cannot return on eBay. Have a garage sale. Find a consignment shop for your clothes.

    I have a full time job, so any extra income has to be outside of normal working hours.

    • I love those ideas Cori! I had one gift that I was originally told I couldn’t return, but I’m one of those “don’t take no for an answer cuz the customer is always right” kind of shoppers so I got it handled. I too have a full time job so all of my extra income comes outside of those hours. This often makes it harder due to scheduling, but that’s what I love about these ideas. You set your own schedule and do what works for you!


    • I find that people either love nannying or hate it. Like all jobs it has it’s good and bad days. I will say it is an EXCELLENT form of birth control. Thanks for stopping by!


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