Happy Wedding Wednesday Royals! I told you guys last week that I am very slowly climbing aboard the wedding planning train. The good news is the train has left the station! I am committed to documenting my journey and sharing it with all of you. Over the weekend, I attended the Wedding Connection Bridal Show, here in St. Louis. It wasn’t a HUGE show and it was the second I’ve attended since getting engaged, but I tried a few things to make the most of my wedding show experience, and I couldn’t wait to share them with my fellow brides-to-be.Bridal shows can be a bit overwhelming, but when approached strategically (& using these 5 bridal show survival tips) can be a lot of fun and rewarding!

5 Bridal Show Survival Tips to Make the Most of Every Show

Setup a wedding email address.

After The Boy and I got engaged, one of the first things I did was create a wedding email address. I knew I’d be communicating with vendors, entering contests, emailing our enormous bridal party…so it was imperative to have an email address solely dedicated to the wedding. I’ve even added folders to the email address so that I can keep it organize because let’s be honest, when you’re getting married everyone is sending you stuff.

Create & print labels BEFORE the show.

I almost needed to ice my hand/wrist after the first wedding show I went to. My hand/wrist was exhausted from writing our information on every vendors information sheet. After that show, I promised myself I’d NEVER attend another show with out pre-printed labels. This past weekend, I brought labels that had both our names, our wedding email address, physical address, and wedding date. I enlisted one of my bridesmaids to stick our information on every vendor’s info sheet I was interested in. It saved SO much time and all the vendors commented how smart it was!

bridal show survival tipsbridal show survival tips

Focus on just a few vendors at each show.

Wedding shows can be extremely overwhelming, especially when you’re newly engaged. All the vendors you could possibly think of (and ones that you never would) are there putting on their best performance basically just luring you in. This show I decided I wanted to focus on photography/videography. I’m still trying to educate myself and learn about the wedding industry, so I needed to know the average cost for these vendors. I won’t lie, I stopped at a FEW others booths that caught my eye,  but the primary focus was photography and videography. I figure there will be plenty of other bridal shows for me to find other vendors.

Take an extra tote bag for all your freebies.

Both of the shows I attended gave each bride a complementary swag bag. I haven’t had a chance to go through the one from Sunday, but the first one was full of vendor information, small gifts like luggage tags, candy, and magnets. Additionally, you will pick up all sorts of stuff as you make your way to each booth. I highly recommend you bring an extra bag, just in case your first one gets full or they don’t give you one to begin with. You can also use the extra bag to differentiate between vendors you definitely want to follow up with and those that you can check out later.

bridal show survival tipsbridal show survival tips

Make sure your phone is fully charged.

Wedding shows are a great place to gain inspiration for all things wedding. I’ve seen so many awesome decor ideas, wedding dresses, florals, etc. I always make sure my phone is fully charged so that I can snap pictures of the ideas I like. At the show this past weekend, I actually had a vendor send me her price list through AirDrop. It was super convenient and immediately available for me to consider.

Wedding shows are a ton of fun and they definitely make it all feel more real. While there is a ton of information to pick up and every vendor is vying for your attention, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by doing a little prep work and staying focus while you’re there.

What tips do you have for surviving bridal shows?

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12 comments on “5 Bridal Show Survival Tips to Make the Most of Every Show”

  1. I love the idea of wedding shows.It’s going to have all things bridal and will also help in getting good deals.Like your tip for p[repping for it

  2. A plan is soo needed! All these shows are crazy overwhelming and you can so easily leave without actually finding what you came for. Really great tips, thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never gone to a bridal show but I will keep your tips in mind if I ever go! Have a great week!
    Xo Rachel

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