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GUEST POST: 8 Reasons Why You Should Try Home Chef

Hey Royals! TSF here and I’m back to share my 2 cents about something I think you all would love. Roxy often shares recipes and budgeting tips (which I’ve added to my arsenal of “live right goodness”) so I was excited to combine the two and experiment with a meal kit service. My choice was Home Chef. For those of you who are not familiar with a meal kit/delivery service, it’s essentially a program that lets you pick your meals for the week, then delivers all the ingredients to your doorstep. Each service is different in terms of how many meals you can order, how many recipes are available, how long you have to choose your menu etc, but the concept is the same.


The Best 4th of July Recipes

4th of July is a little under a week away! For many Americans, this day is not only a day to celebrate our nation’s independence, but also a day to gather with friends and family. Most All of these gatherings are bound to include food and whether you are a guest responsible for bringing one dish or the host who needs to come up with an entire menu, I’m sure by now you are searching the internet for 4th of July recipes that will impress the masses. You guys know, I’m all about trying to make your lives easier, so I searched the internet (okay Pinterest) for the best 4th of July dishes that even the worse chef can prepare. (more…)

Falling in Love with Lucas Park Grille

Last week, I was all over slaying my Valentine’s Day look if I must say so myself. I’m still on cloud nine, but I guess that’s one of the perks of being in love. I’m such a hopeless romantic and I love to revisit the places The Boy and I fell in love. First on that list of places is Lucas Park Grille, where we had our very first date. Our first visit in August of 2011 actually didn’t go all that well as far as perfect first dates go. I vividly remember ordering things neither of us were familiar with and leaving the restaurant hungry. What saved our evening was when one of us brought up the topic of still being hungry and the other breathed a sigh of relief to know they weren’t the only one. So I guess you all are trying to figure out why in the world we would return to a place that left us disappointed and hungry. (more…)

Contrary Cupcakes Grand Opening

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a friend’s handwork and dreams come to reality. For as long as I’ve known the owner Danielle she has baked delectable goodies from her own kitchen and then went the extra mile to ensure her treats made it to her customers. Contrary Cupcakes, a family owned and operated bakery just south of the Tower Grove neighborhood in St. Louis, MO, is officially open for business. Located at 4904 Devonshire Ave., you can’t miss the adorable sign sporting the business’s logo. While I by no means would classify myself as having a sweet tooth, I rarely pass up an opportunity for Contrary Cupcakes. (more…)

World’s Easiest 30-minute Garlic Bread

I don’t know about anyone else but I am still reeling over Beyonce’s half time performance and the Carolina Panthers unfortunate fall to the Denver Broncos. Even though I was disappointed with the game’s outcome and this year’s commercials, the food surely did not disappoint! Last week, I put together a group of recipes that would be perfect for the Super Bowl from some of my fellow bloggers. It was really hard trying to decide which one to try, but when I woke up on Sunday I was still feeling my Mardi Gras fun, so I went for the garlic bread because it looked the easiest and required me to purchase very little. (more…)