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Restaurant Review: Brunch at Brasserie by Niche

Last week a childhood friend who recently moved back to St. Louis hit me up about going to brunch. I’m embarrassed to admit that she’s been back for a few months and I still hadn’t even seen her so when she text me about brunch there was no way I wasn’t going. She asked me to suggest my favorite brunch spot and I realized I didn’t have one. While I anticipate the day I move to a brand new city, I’m guilty of not appreciating the things that make St. Louis great. She took to google and found Brasserie by Niche on several lists of popular brunch places in St. Louis. Being that I’m indecisive, I looked up the menu a few days before and I must admit I wasn’t very impressed or excited, but I was dead wrong. (more…)

Welcome to Royalty in Reality

When I peruse Facebook I can’t help but notice my peers living these seemingly cushy lives. They all seem to have these super cool jobs and are buying houses, getting married, and having babies, all while I’m plotting how to evade Sallie Mae and how to go to medical school for free. Their lives on Facebook totally depict the life 15-year-old me thought I’d have too. Go to elite high school. Go to top college. Party like there is no tomorrow. Fall in love. Graduate. Go to medical school. Get married by 24/25. First kid by 26/27. Nowhere in there did I factor in not being accepted to medical school, student loans/debt, cohabiting before marriage, a master’s degree, or even Royalty in Reality. (more…)