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The Truth About What Changes When You Get Engaged

Happy Valentine’s Day Royals! I love this time of the year because I just love love and want everyone to be in love (lol). As most of you know, this time of the year is especially important to me because The Boy and I got engaged this time last year. I LIVE for all of the #ISaidYes moments on Instagram and can spend hours reading stories on When we got engaged, I didn’t really expect to feel any differently about The Boy or for us to start operating any differently and for the most part I don’t and it didn’t. However, as I’ve had a little time to think about the year we’ve spent engaged, I’m keenly aware of subtle differences that came along with my title change. I think it’s really easy to believe that nothing is going to change once you get the rock, but the truth of the matter is things are different and the changes aren’t even necessarily imposed the couple.  (more…)

4 Outside the Box Valentine’s Day Ideas Your Honey Will Love

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just two days away or that The Boy and I celebrated 6 years of dating and one year of being engaged on Saturday. Since we have celebrated 6 Valentine’s Days and 5 anniversaries, the typical dinner & a movie Valentine’s Day date isn’t terribly enticing. We’ve started to try to do more out of the box things that are worthy of a special occasion. While we are certainly working to expand our own list, I wanted to share of few outside the box Valentine’s Day ideas we’ve thought of or have tried over the years. (more…)

GUEST POST: A Brighter Blue Suit is a Style Power Play

Although I know how to spot a well dressed man, men’s fashion has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I can’t tell you what the current trends are or call off the names of things the way I can with women’s fashion. Despite being a female blogger, I genuinely want Royalty in Reality to be for everyone. When Claire approached me about writing an article for men on how to style a blue suit, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to show my royal romeos a little love. Without further ado, here is Claire’s take on how to make a brighter blue suit a style power play.

Holy Sh*t, I’m Getting Married – Our Love Story

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know by now that The Boy and I are engaged! We have been so thrilled and overwhelmed with the all of the congratulatory texts, calls, FB messages, etc. I have read every single message and I can’t thank all of you enough. As to be expected, everyone has been asking us how he popped the big question and/or how we met. Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time to share our love story with the world. (more…)