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GUEST POST: The Pros & Cons of Meeting People Through Apps

Meeting people and forging relationships online have come a long way. Every year, developers have become more creative in releasing different kinds of dating applications to cater to everyone’s needs.

Online dating has started to pick up its pace, especially with the younger generation. Because of lack of time due to busy work schedules, most young professionals turn to applications such as Tinder, Happn, and VieLoco to meet other people. Cupid can now find your match even while you sleep! (more…)

3 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

Last week I was cruising some of my favorite blogs and came across a post about 10 Signs He’s Just Not Into You. I really wish I could remember where I saw it, but in looking at all the comments it seemed that a lot of women could sympathize with the author and reported experiencing numerous of these signs. What I found kind of funny is that as I read the signs, I found myself mentally testifying that I had done them to many guys. We live in a society where it’s assumed that women are always seeking relationships and that when things go south it’s because the man did something wrong or he somehow held all the cards that determined how the relationship was going to go. The way I see it women are just as capable of controlling how the game goes and frankly we’re sometimes just not that into a guy. So ladies, sit back and prepare to laugh and guys take close notes as I reveal three clear signs that she’s just not that into you. (more…)

10 Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas

Alright Royals! I’m back with another inexpensive date segment. If you’re new here, there was 10 Inexpensive Winter Date Ideas and 10 Inexpensive Spring Date Ideas, so logically with yesterday being the first day of summer I had to put together a list of 10 inexpensive SUMMER Date Ideas. The past few weeks it has been in 90’s and darn near too hot to spend extended period of time outdoors. This means we need to plan for outdoor activities early in the morning, in the evening, around water or just head straight for a place with AC. Without further adieu, here is the royal list of 10 inexpensive summer dates. (more…)

GUEST POST: 5 Tips on How to Be a Well Dressed Man

You all don’t get to see The Boy very often because he’s usually behind the camera taking pictures of me. While he may never admit it out loud, I know that he takes great pride in his appearance. One of the many things I love about him is his effortless fashion sense and the secret joy I know he feels when someone compliments his ensemble. Being that I love fashion and value his opinion, I’m always asking him about my own outfits and striking up conversations about the latest trends in men’s fashion. It was during one of these talks that we both agreed the men of 2016 could use a little guidance when getting dressed and I thought who better than to help them out than my super fly honey. (more…)

How to Get Over His Love of Video Games

When The Boy and I first started dating, I was still in undergrad in Miami. This meant the early part of our relationship was cultivated through texts, phone calls, and Skype sessions. I can vividly remember many conversations where when asked what he was doing, he replied “playing the game”. At the time, I didn’t think much of it, but when I came home I quickly began to feel like his video games were his mistress. He played the game while we were on the phone, when I came over to visit, shoot at one point he was packing it in his backpack and plugging it up whenever he could. I literally used to hate “The Game”, but now after almost three years of cohabitation I hardly mind the time he spends on the sticks at all (well maybe a little bit when he’s supposed to be doing something else). So ladies, if you’re man is video game obsessed, I’m here to help you learn to get over it! (more…)