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The Birth of Knight Vision Photography

Support comes in a variety of shapes and sizes from a myriad of people. Many are fortunate to know their parents’ unwavering support and will always want it, but it seems to be around our mid-twenties that we start seeking support from a romantic partner. Whether you’re single or have a long-term boyfriend, the desire for support from someone you are building a life with yearns a little louder with each “I said YES!” post you see on Facebook. Personally, having support from The Boy has truly become a driving force in my life. Since the day we met, he has been supporting all of my random ideas and pushing me to pursue my dreams even when my confidence in them faltered. It’s important to me to provide him with the same support. That’s why I’d like to introduce all of my readers to Knight Vision Photography. (more…)

Don’t Lose the Spark, Get Dolled Up!

The Boy and I have officially been together for 4 years, but I swear it feels like my entire life (in a good way). We’ve been living together 2.5 of those 4 years. Because we’ve been cohabitating for a few years, things have become pretty routine and as you can imagine he’s seen me not looking too sexy. Gone are the days of spending hours shopping for an outfit to surprise him when he picks me up at my doorstep. He basically watches me transform from couch bum to diva from the bathroom door (he’s not that attached to me, he’s usually telling me to hurry up because I’m making us late). In an effort to keep our relationship fresh and him on his toes, every once in a while I’ll randomly get a little extra dolled up. (more…)

GUEST POST: So You’re Finally Ready to Date?

With Valentine’s Day just days away and The Boy and I celebrating our four year anniversary yesterday, I have been all caught up in being in love with him. While in my blissful stupor, and probably doodling “R <3 J” all over the place, I began to realize not everyone is floating around on cloud nine because of their relationship. That realization then made me decide that another Valentine’s Day post surrounding this idea that you have a man/woman was totally ignoring my Royals who are still looking/waiting for love. I know that I’m too far out the game to really be making recommendations to single people (I legit still don’t really know what Tinder is) so I thought I’d leave it to my expert single friend.  She’s an entrepreneur, amazingly beautiful, is literally the most generous person I know, and any man would be lucky to call her his, but for reasons I can’t understand she’s still single. Lucky for me, she graciously agreed to share her guidelines for anyone who is ready to step into the crazy world that is dating.  (more…)

His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just a little over two weeks away and if you’re planning to shop for a special someone, now is the time to start (if you haven’t already). If your bank account is still recovering from the holidays and/or annual bills that come up in January, this Valentine’s Day gift guide filled with gifts under $100 is perfect for you!

Valentine’s Day is typically marketed to men for women and men are frequently neglected. Most guys aren’t looking to receive flowers, chocolates, or some romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, this makes shopping for men for this holiday really hard, but don’t worry Royals, y’all know I got you and I’m going to be sure your bank account isn’t empty! (more…)

10 Inexpensive Winter Date Ideas

It seems as though majority of America is experiencing a pretty warm winter. Here in St. Louis, Missouri we are still seeing temps as high as 65 during the day but as low as mid 20’s at night. Even though we haven’t had any snow, we have had an abundance of rain and everything is dead and dreary. With the weather being so rainy, I feel even more restricted when trying to think of date ideas than when it’s simply cold and/or snowing. I can bundle up and brave the cold, but y’all know rain/humidity and being a naturalista just don’t mix. (more…)