Spring has officially sprung and the race is on to get your body summer ready! For over a year, the Boy and I have been trying to make exercise a regular part of our routine. As I’m sure you can imagine, we go through phases where we are in the gym 5x/week and others where we skip a whole week. He is much more diligent about working out than I am, as I tend to get bored of the same machines day after day. Lucky for me, a friend told me about a CycleBar opening in Creve Coeur and I jumped at the chance to spice up my workout routine with a few free classes. 

Creve Coeur CycleBar is a new premium indoor cycling facility! Check out my first hand experience and learn how you can try a class for FREE!

Spice Up Your Workout at the New Creve Coeur CycleBar

CycleBar offers premium indoor cycling in an exhilarating, fun, and accessible way. The Creve Coeur CycleBar has one CycleTheatre which is where the classes actually take place. The theatre has three tiers with 51 high-tech cycling bikes, two huge flat screen TVs that show your stats, and what looks like a full DJ’s booth. During your ride, your CycleStar Instructor will activate your senses with upbeat tunes and state of the art light technology. My favorite part of class is when the CycleStar Instructor turns off all the lights except the red ones. For some reason that particular lighting makes you look super toned! Another unique CycleBar feature are the CycleStats which measure both your daily and historical performance. Your heart rate, calories, RPM, and power are all captured every class and emailed to you after. Your stats are also posted on the flat screens during class which creates a little competitive spirit. You can compete with a friend, yourself, or even just the other strangers around you.

creve coeur cyclebar

creve coeur cycle bar

creve coeur cyclebar


CycleBar is full of amazing amenities that I’ve never before seen in a workout facility. All you have to do is show up. They provide you with shoes, snacks, free water bottles, lockers with coded key pads and charging ports for your phone, and towels. The bathroom is fully equipped to transform from a workout to any daytime or evening event. There are hair ties, deodorant, feminine products, contact solution, the only thing you need to bring is your outfit!

Now let’s talk about the actual CycleBar class. It is so hard, but it is an AMAZING workout. I burn more calories doing CycleBar than I do any other workout and I’m guaranteed to feel it in my muscles the next day. The greatest thing about it is that it’s truly for cyclists of all levels. The CycleStar instructors do an awesome job of motivating everyone the entire class. They really encourage you to focus on your ride and leave any stressors at the door. CycleBar classes do more than just exercise your body, they also have a meditative quality. Each class ends with stretching, deep breathing, and well-wishes for the rest of the day.

creve coeur cyclebar

creve coeur cyclebar

creve coeur cyclebar

CycleBar offers a variety of packages, starting with your first month for just $99. The more class credits you buy, the cheaper each class costs. It is important to note that the credits are not transferrable. In other words, if you purchase ten credits, you may not use 5 at the Creve Coeur location and 5 at the Chesterfield location. Also, the credits have an expiration date so you must be mindful of that when you purchase.

My overall assessment of CycleBar is that it’s definitely something you much try. It’s a great calorie burner and an even better way to change up your usual workout routine. Creve Coeur CycleBar offers free 30-minute introductory sessions to new clients and a few new member specials if you decide to purchase some rides.

What’s your favorite way to spice up your workout? Have you ever tried CycleBar? Find your local CycleBar now!

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8 comments on “Spice Up Your Workout at the New Creve Coeur CycleBar”

  1. Have you done SouLCycle before? I’d love to find out the similarities and differences! I liked SoulCycle a lot – I just couldn’t justify paying so much for each class!

    • Similar to SoulCycle in that the workout is on a bike that you clip into. Playlists are NEVER recycled and the music/lighting/video really drives the class. A couple things differ from other corporate chains: the bikes are not nearly as closely stacked together, no extra fees for shoes, water bottles, and towel service (EVER), and significantly cheaper than Soul! First class is FREE too!

  2. I’m such a big fan of spin classes…I love the group yet competitive environment, the pumping music, and how good it feels when class is over, LOL!! I haven’t heard of this gym before but after reading your review if there’s one in my area I will totally take a class there!

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