It’s that time of the year when spring break has ended and seniors all over the world can finally see the finish line that is graduation in the very near future. It doesn’t matter if it’s high school, undergrad, or graduate school, if you’re a senior you are praying that when you wake up it will be your graduation day. If you’re anything like me, you’re finding it next to impossible to do anything school related or even so much as care because you can already hear your name being announced to an auditorium full of your friends and family. This feeling, my friends, is senioritis. 


Both times that I’ve been blessed to reach this stage of nearly completing a scholastic endeavor, I have spent the last few months trying to will the days to pass faster, being PAINFULLY annoyed by teachers asking me to do anything remotely school related, and putting off assignments to the last possible minute. With only about 12 weeks left until I can add “MPH” behind my name, I’m recognizing those all too familiar feelings of senioritis. Unfortunately for me, this is the worst time for me to lose momentum because I have to start studying for the MCAT again. I’m going to need everything I’ve got to dominate this test this time around so I had to find some ways to fight my senioritis. It is my strong hope that these 5 tips to ward off senioritis will help me and any other suffering senior.

  1. Start planning for life after graduation.

    Graduation will be here before you know it and you will be doing yourself a real disservice to not have a plan. You need to know when you will have to start repaying your student loans and how much you’ll need to pay. You can start looking for a job in your new field or decide if you are going to pursue even higher education.

  2. Enjoy your remaining time as a student. 

    Your days of enjoying student discounts are quickly coming to an end so you better enjoy them! If you’re at a school with amazing athletics, make sure you catch as many sporting events as you can. There is nothing like sitting in the student section and cheering on your team.

  3. Reward yourself for staying on task.

    It is amazing what people can get me to do if there is a reward involved. Since I’m working and in school, I’ve been struggling basically since I’ve started. I’ve motivated myself to not just get through it but to do well by rewarding myself for good grades. I’ve gifted myself purses, shoes, clothes, and new electronics for a little pat on the back. On a smaller scale, you can reward yourself with an hour of TV for completing a homework assignment.

  4. Keep up with your daily routine. 

    A major key to not falling into a slump is maintaining your typical daily activities. If you have a study schedule or classes every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll want to still do those things. Once you start skipping class, it’s hard to start going again (trust me I know).

  5. Hit the gym. 

    Whenever I go to the gym I feel motivated in all aspects of life. I literally feel invincible after a good work out. Working out also gives me a ton of energy. These two things combined are really useful to help push through the last few months of school.

Wondering if you have a case of senioritis? Use this HILARIOUS BuzzFeed post to confirm your senioritis diagnosis.

Have you ever had senioritis? What are your tips for seniors struggling to stay motivated these last few months?


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31 comments on “5 Tips to Help You Fight Senioritis”

  1. Great tips. As someone who has been there; done that, I would say enjoy that finishing strong is important, but it’s just as important to relish the last months of “freedom” and fun! And…if you haven’t already, start a little nest egg!

  2. Love this post! I am emailing it my sister who is currently a senior in college and can definitely benefit from this. You give such great tips!

  3. I remember my last term at college, all I wanted was to be done! I applied for job and after job, went on interviews and really just wished my last four months of college away. I wish I had spent more time enjoying school before it was over. It’s exciting to be done with classes and assignments and all of the pressure of being a student but once you’re done school it’s kind of sad.

  4. I love that you added to enjoy the sporting events. I have such good memories of attending all the different sports in college, gymnastics, baseball, etc.

  5. Love this post! I graduate in May and it’s definitely been a bit challenging to stay focused. Especially since my husband returns home from deployment right after that and then we’ll be moving to our next base. It’s a lot of excitement happening from May-August haha but I definitely have life planned out for when I’m done and I do my best to stick with my routine 🙂

  6. I remember this time well and the best advice I got was from one of the staff members in the registrar ‘s office. She said: “You’re almost there. Soon, it will be a notch on your belt. Why blow it? ” Yep, you’re almost there. 🙂

  7. I work at a grad school and have seen how stressful and busy the last semester can be for students. Congrats on your upcoming graduation, and good for you for taking care of yourself! That makes all the difference.

  8. Hitting the gym is a great tip. Exercise can help burn off nervous energy. For me, thinking about life after grad made my senioritis worse.

  9. Yes enjoy it! I honestly feel like no matter how much time has passed or how much I love my job I still get what I call “Adult senioritis” before a long weekend or vacation or when it’s been a while since a holiday off lol

  10. Roxy, if I only had know this 4 months ago 😀
    Had to learn it the hard way.. But I fully support all your points, Great post!

    xx M

  11. Enjoying your remaining time as a student is super important. I miss college all the time. Planning for the future is so stressful, but incredibly important as well. I remember it being a year long process.

  12. Oh god, senioritis, how I do not miss it! I found planning life after graduation kept me feeling motivated and inspired (I went traveling for a few months), but I wish I had made a bigger effort to take advantage of all of the great things I’d be missing out on once I left school. Laying on the green between classes, reading in the library and going to the gym are a few of things I wish I had done more.

    Congrats on your MPH! Such a huge accomplishment 🙂

  13. I’ve already waaaay passed the point when I was a senior, but yeap – got no actual goals yet. This was really helpful, thank you for sharing 🙂

    <3: Jasmin N |

  14. Aw I wish I could go back to my senior year of college! I would tell myself to RELAX! haha. Don’t worry too much about your “after” plan. Just get your resume ready and start exploring what you want from your job – how do you want your job to make you feel? Keep having fun and enjoy time with your friends 🙂

  15. I have shared this with my little sister and her reaction was: I CAN’T STOP THINKING OF WHAT THE HELL I’M I SUPPOSE TO DO AFTER I FINISH!!! hahaha

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