Valentine’s Day is just a little over two weeks away and if you’re planning to shop for a special someone, now is the time to start (if you haven’t already). If your bank account is still recovering from the holidays and/or annual bills that come up in January, this Valentine’s Day gift guide filled with gifts under $100 is perfect for you!

Valentine’s Day is typically marketed to men for women and men are frequently neglected. Most guys aren’t looking to receive flowers, chocolates, or some romantic gesture for Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, this makes shopping for men for this holiday really hard, but don’t worry Royals, y’all know I got you and I’m going to be sure your bank account isn’t empty!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

  1. Cologne makes an awesome gift for men for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know about you ladies, but I LOVE for my man to smell good. This Tom Ford ‘Noir’ Eau de Parfum comes in right at the top of our budget at $95, but it’s totally worth it. If you don’t want to spend that much, I also recommend Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme or Ralph Lauren ‘Polo Blue’.
  2. Give your man the gift of music with this cool handmade pocket boom box. He can connect any device with a headphone jack and rock out on the spot!
  3. If your man is a whiskey drinker then this personalized decanter set will make the perfect gift! Serve him a glass of his favorite whiskey in your sexiest lingerie and I’m sure the rest of the evening will take care of itself.
  4. If you have a dapper man, he will love these engravable cuff links. Maybe engrave his initials, nickname, or your anniversary date on them.
  5. If you and your honey are separated by distance, he’ll love this romantic custom heart-shaped map. Use one of the suggested quotes or even make up your own!
  6. In my opinion, a well groomed man is a man that’s going places. The Man Can is filled with essentials like soap, shave gel, oil, hand butter, and a body mitt that will keep your man smelling, feeling, and looking his best.
  7. Last, but not least for the men, you can get him some Man-gerie (get it… lingerie for men). Upgrade his fruit of the looms to some super soft Calvin Klein boxer briefs and make sure he has some comfy sweats for the morning after.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Even though stores are always trying to pull men in for Valentine’s Day, I think they could still use a little help thinking beyond flowers, cards, and candy. I think there are great gifts for the woman in your life that won’t leave nothing but lent in your pockets.

  1. You can NEVER go wrong with jewelry and you don’t have to spend a lot to get something she’ll love. Kendra Scott’s spring collection was released just in time for Valentine’s Day and there is an abundance of merchandise under $100. I personally have my eye on this Phara necklace (HINT HINT). Daily Opulence is another brand that’s really growing on me. I love them because everything is SUPER affordable. Guys, if you shop the Daily Opilence website and use code ‘Roxy10’ at checkout you’ll save 10%!
  2. Give her the gift of clean skin. While I personally don’t have a Clarisonic, I’ve seen a lot of beauty bloggers raving about how amazing and necessary they are. While the one linked here comes in at the top of the budget, it’s at least an entire kit and something she will use a lot.
  3. Most women LOVE to be pampered, so you can always send her to her favorite spa or get her a gift card for a deluxe manicure and pedicure at her favorite nail salon. If you live in St. Louis, Indigo Massage & Wellness has affordable new client rates and if you’re else where Massage Envy is an affordable option too.
  4. You want to really wow your woman and show her you put thought into her gift? Gather up the best of those USies she makes you take and design a Pictogram Frame for her!
  5.  Let her know she’s your SOLEmate with a sexy new pair of heels. If you’re not a stranger to Royalty in Reality, you know that I LOVE Lola Shoetique. Even though it’s still basically 2 degrees in St. Louis, my mind is already on spring and I’d love to get ahead with these open toed, chunky heeled, sandals.
  6.  If you are dead set on getting her something edible, think outside the box and go for an edible arrangement or really blow her away by emptying out a chocolate box and filling it with Chick-Fil-a Chicken Nuggets. Don’t debate me on the nuggets, just trust me. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love Chick-Fil-a Chicken Nuggets?!
  7. I know very few women (if any) who don’t love a good selfie or USie. So why not fuel her fun with a Selfie Kit! This one comes with a selfie stick, clip-on lens, Bluetooth shutter remote, an attachable mini tripod, and most importantly it’s only $15!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

What are you planning to get your honey for Valentine’s Day? See anything on this you would love to have? Are you hoping bae brings you something specific? I’d love to hear what you’re hoping for. You never do know, (s)he just may see your request!


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35 comments on “His & Hers Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. Very cool ideas!

    For the past few years, I’ve ordered my (now) husband pizza delivered to his office for Valentine’s Day. Ladies get flowers delivered a lot, right? Why not surprise him with a delivery he would really enjoy?! haha!

  2. I haven’t even planned what to get my man! You have some really great ideas. He’s a gamer so I need to think along those lines.

  3. You have a lovely selection of items that would satisfy both males and females… I can’t believe we are almost in February.

  4. These are some great ideas. I can’t believe how quickly Valentines Day has snuck up! I got my husband some mangerie haha and also a couple prints that are symbolic to things he likes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ooooh – great ideas! I’ve been thinking about cologne but haven’t been out to test any yet … my man definitely needs a new scent! ๐Ÿ™‚ P/S I’m a Clarisonic girl and have been for a couple of years now. Totally worth every penny!!

  6. Such great ideas! I’ve had Edible Arrangments a few times, and they are always so good!! Thanks for sharing your list; Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday!

  7. These are great ideas! I always struggle with what to get my hubby. A Clairsonic is on my wishlist currently! Every time I go to Ulta I look at them & convince myself not to spend the money on it.

  8. Great ideas! I think men shy away from jewelry as a gift, thinking that it has to be some huge expensive item filled with precious gems. Most of us women are happy with something much more modest but still fits our style. As for men… have a favorite photo or poster of his professionally framed for his man-cave or office. That’s my gift this year to my husband…he unearthed some picture of an antique pistol that his best buddy gave him. Why he loves it, no idea, but it will look good in his “hobby” room.

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