Part of my journey to live a healthier life includes drinking more water. It wasn’t until The Boy and I were discussing how much water we drink daily, that I realized I honestly don’t drink very much. It isn’t because I drink sugar-filled beverages in place of water, I simply don’t drink anything at all. I’ve been told people often mistake their thirst for hunger and that this can lead to overeating and subsequently weight gain. Since learning that, I’ve been trying to drink more water, but it isn’t always easy. Simply having a water bottle on my desk doesn’t inspire me to drink it so I decided to seek out some ways to increase my daily water intake.

According to, and several other sources, the average adult should be drinking 64 oz of water daily. This is a little bit less than what would fit in a 2 liter soda bottle.  I found three methods that water enthusiast around the web all seem to agree will help you increase your daily water intake:

Did you know that you are supposed to drink 64oz of water every day?? It's quite a bit but here are 3 ways to increase your daily water intake!

3 Ways to Increase Your Daily Water Intake

Improve the Taste – Jazz up your water by adding fruits and/or herbs to your water. You don’t have to worry about accidentally drinking a seed or something because they now make water bottles with diffusers built right in! One of my mom’s favorite water flavoring combos is slices of lemons, fresh mint,and cucumbers.

Set Reminders – I’ve seen this done two ways. The first way involves setting your alarm to go off every hour while you’re at work. When the alarm goes off you drink one  8oz glass of water. By the time you’ve worked your eight hour shift, you’ll have your 64oz done. Another way you can set a reminder is by getting a water bottle that can hold an entire day’s worth of water. Next, you actually write times on lines on the bottle and when the clock strikes that time, your water level should be at or below the corresponding line.

Drink with a Straw – Apparently when you drink out of a straw you are more likely to drink more water without even realizing it. This is perfect for me because I struggle to drink without one (I swear I have a hole in my lip). Many water bottles come with straws so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

There are so many benefits to increasing your water intake. I could probably right an entire post about it, but that’s for another day. I’m hoping that drinking more water will help me snack less and keep my skin clear.

Do you struggle to drink 64 oz. of water each day? How do you make drinking all that water easier?

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17 comments on “3 Ways to Increase Your Daily Water Intake + Thursday 3 Link Up”

  1. This post was really great! I’m not a huge water drinker and I know I need to drink more of it. I’ll be using these tips for sure!

  2. Great article on water. I keep a really large mug on my desk for water. That way I don’t have to fill it often to get to 64oz. It really helps me meet my goal.
    Ola | JadoreLeDecor

  3. I keep sipping water after every half an hour throughout the day when I’m working. I also add berries, cucumber and orange sometimes for flavor!

  4. So many people don’t realize they just aren’t drinking enough water. That one simple hydration habit can have such a positive impact on your health. Love your tips.

  5. Thanks for sharing us your water-drinking tips! I always have mine next to me (in a pink 1liter jug) so that it would easily remind me to drink those water 😀

  6. Great article. I drink lot of water. It is good for your health. I always carry a big water bottle which has marks on it 8oz to 32oz. This helps me to keep track of my water intake.

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