Support comes in a variety of shapes and sizes from a myriad of people. Many are fortunate to know their parents’ unwavering support and will always want it, but it seems to be around our mid-twenties that we start seeking support from a romantic partner. Whether you’re single or have a long-term boyfriend, the desire for support from someone you are building a life with yearns a little louder with each “I said YES!” post you see on Facebook. Personally, having support from The Boy has truly become a driving force in my life. Since the day we met, he has been supporting all of my random ideas and pushing me to pursue my dreams even when my confidence in them faltered. It’s important to me to provide him with the same support. That’s why I’d like to introduce all of my readers to Knight Vision Photography.

Knight Vision Photography

Before our roles as boyfriend and girlfriend, The Boy and I are best friends so I can always count on him to tell me when my ideas need a little tweeking. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that supporting your partner does NOT mean being a “yes (wo)man”. It’s not simply just agreeing with them. I think a better approach is to give honest feedback. For anyone that’s new to Royalty in Reality, you may not know that The Boy is my photographer. He has taken pretty much every picture on this blog. What no one knows is that we had had a conversation about him jumping into the photography business over two years ago. At that time, our financial situation was a lot different and spending several hundred dollars on a camera wasn’t feasible. He never complained out loud, but I knew in the back of his head he was pretty bummed. Now fast forward to last fall when I said I wanted to follow his advice to find a hobby that would give me a MUCH needed break from school. It was quickly decided that this “hobby” would be blogging and with the joint effort of him and two other friends Royalty in Reality was born. The Boy was immediately volunteered to take all of my pictures using the only camera we had in the house, our iPhones. Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen some blogs that solely use pictures taken on iPhones and they look amazing, but despite my attempts to educate myself on how to edit them mine still didn’t look all that great. I also knew I was not about to add the expense of a photographer to our budget, so I did what any girl would do. I put a DSLR camera on my Christmas list.

Knight Vision Photography

I wasn’t really expecting to get a camera for Christmas because we’d discussed our spending budget and a fancy DSLR camera exceeded it, but lucky for me that’s exactly what I got! I really appreciated his willingness to blow the budget to support my endeavors as a blogger. It really benefited him too because the second he got behind the lens all of his photographer aspirations came back. This time around, it made perfect sense. So with the help of one of the same friends that helped create Royalty in Reality (it was The Single Friend if you’re wondering….be sure to check out her guest post here), Knight Vision Photography was born.

I am 100% obsessed with the fact that our new endeavors are intertwined and are even named in a way that they could be marketed together. Already we’ve spent evenings dreaming of planning all the places we’re going to take Royalty in Reality and Knight Vision Photography. I’m so excited to be able to finally support his photography dreams and can’t wait to see where they take him. I love when he lets me be his assistant, it really makes me feel needed. It’s only been a few short months, but I’m already seeing drastic improvements in his skills and know that with time he will only get better.

Knight Vision Photography

To see more of my honey’s work, make sure you check out Knight Vision Photography’s Instagram page. If you’re in the St. Louis metropolitan area and are in need of a photographer for head shots, events, engagements, senior pictures (pretty much anything), please contact him at!

Knight Vision Photography

What do you think of my love’s photography skills? Got any tips for me as a model (I’d really love some) or him as a photographer?


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14 comments on “The Birth of Knight Vision Photography”

  1. How exciting!
    My fiancé takes all of my photos too — when we have time haha. I need to get a tripod and remote though so I can do them on my own when he’s busy 🙂

    xoxo, Jenny

  2. Its so exciting when your significant other stands beside you in your dreams. Its even better when you support each other, the sky cannot limit you. Keep rocking together and those photos are lovely! Knight Vision Photography, is gong places!

  3. This is so great! I am a photographer too and I know amazing the discovery of it is. The fact that you got to discover you passion for photography with your significant other is even more amazing. Good luck in your endeavors!

  4. Hi Roxy,

    What an amazing shots captured! Loved it. Its a wonderful piece of work. I am glad that there is someone special to support you in your life because we need someone as a backbone in our life. In my case, my hubby is my strong supporter in anything I do or my blogging related stuff.

  5. Congratulations! I’m so proud of you and your new venture and want to wish you mega success on your journey. Stay true to you and keep on taking those fab photos. Go get em! 🙂

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