In this day and age of social media and the internet, you’ll see numerous photos uploaded every single day. Surely, most of them are selfies. People all over the world have different practices when taking their perfect selfie. Some people consider light and angle to be the key elements, while others really value the makeup they’re going to put on.

Could your selfie game use a little boost? Check out these awesome makeup hacks that will help you take the perfect selfie!

So, how do you use makeup to your advantage and take a perfectly timed and perfectly angled selfie? Here are some tips for you to get those likes pouring in:

  1. Choose a feature and highlight it.

It’s a major mistake to highlight every feature of your face. For sure you have a favorite feature of your face like your eyes or your lips. Usually, people also choose these features as the major part of their face.

Wanting to do a winged eyeliner? Go. Wanting to put the focus on your lips through a bold color? Yes. Just don’t do both at the same time, and you’re good to go.

  1. Take your brow game up.

People literally take minutes to draw that perfect brow. For people who are not that blessed in having a lush brow, they do it by brushing or drawing.

Use a slightly darker shade of eyebrow pencil because the camera tends to pick up hues in darker color. Naturally, the camera lightens the features of one’s face. A well-trimmed brow will make your face look instantly clean and polished.

perfect selfie

  1. Make matte your priority.

After deciding which facial feature to highlight, don’t overemphasize it by using glossy makeup. This will make your face or your chosen feature even bigger than it really is.

By going with matte, it won’t cause a camera glare and a reflection from the light you’re using (either natural or artificial). Also, you will avoid having an oily face when you go with matte makeup.

Also, don’t use pastel colors. This will look and plain and bland in photos. Keep in mind that when taking selfies, you want to highlight your face and the feature you want to focus on.

  1. Primer is the key.

For close up shots like selfies, it will surely expose your face’s blemishes and imperfections. Although it is a totally different topic on how to take care of one’s skin, you can use a primer for this selfie alone. It will give you a smooth and natural looking skin.

Moreover, you can use concealer for some parts of your face like the dark circles under your eyes and pimple marks. Just make sure that you blend it well with your makeup because the camera will notice an improper application of concealer.

perfect selfie

  1. Remember BBH (blush, bronzer, and highlighter).

BBH is for contouring. Because the camera washes the natural angles of your face, you can contour to bring those back and give them emphasis.

The technique to applying good highlighter is put it in the areas where the light hits your face. Use a bronzer to pop those cheekbones chins out, and blush to give you that pinkish glow—but not too much.

For every application, use the littlest amount not to overdo it. Check your face in every application to know if you need to apply more. Also, it’s much easier to apply more than to reduce when it’s already on your face.

  1. Find the most flattering light and angle

You don’t want to put to waste the hours and effort you’ve exerted if you’re not going to capture it properly and share it with the world. Remember, this is where it all boils down because a bad lighting and angle will not give you the results you want.

Experiment with different environment and situations. Think about where you’ll be taking the selfie and practice your lighting and angle in that given situation.

The major takeaway for your makeup selfie is to make it look natural. You just want to highlight the natural features of your face and not change it altogether.

Now that you are equipped with these hacks to take the perfect selfie, your Instagram is sure to take off like Kylie Jenner’s. Get ready to be asked by people how you did it and share these tips and tricks with them.

It’s my general observation that you can’t be a blogger and not have a tight selfie game. I will be the first one to admit, my selfie game is weak and when Meghan brought the topic of this post to me, I knew it was divine intervention. I will personally be taking everyone of these tips into account the next time I have a selfie photo shoot (cuz you know we take like 100 just to find the perfect one). Even if you’re not a blogger, you can use these tips to elevate your selfie game and get those likes rolling in!

Meghan Roces is considered a social butterfly due to her overwhelming energy and charisma, as proven by people who get to meet her. She also loves traveling and has been to a few amazing places around the world. However, one can only have such energy, and sometimes, Meghan would opt to lie low and have an alone time—curled up in bed with a really good book.




Do you have the selfie game on lock? If so, share some more tips below!

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  1. One thing about selfies is that we all have a ton on our phones, snapping away until we find the right one! I love a good highlighter to catch where the light is. I agree that lighting makes a difference as well!

  2. I am not sure I would use several of these, but I do think that several of these ideas that don’t require makeup are really good things to think about when I am trying to compose a selfie. Great post.

  3. I take horrible selfie’s. LOL! There’s definitely an art to it, and I’m sure makeup helps. Thank you so much for this post

  4. Those are great tips. I am no good at selfies, so I should step it up with the makeup tips! Haha. I like the idea of staying matte.

  5. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I found your post very useful so I am going to share it on social media.

  6. I don’t usually take a lot of selfies but I find this post very interesting. There is so many “tricks” to get a better selfie. Thanks for the useful tips!

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