As I’m sitting here typing this, I haven’t seen The Boy since about 5pm on Sunday. He did surprise me on Tuesday by walking to my job with one of the dogs just to say hi for a few minutes, but that hardly felt long enough. Due to a co-worker being sick, hiss work schedule has changed and right now we’re lucky if we see each other in passing. Our daily conversation is also a little off because he’s sleeping during the day while I’m at work and at night it’s vice-versa. I know part of the reason I’m having such a hard time with this temporary change is that I am a very routine person and easily get thrown out of whack when something like this happens. Last week my eating and sleeping patterns were a mess all because The Boy was gone. I didn’t realize that these couple of years of living together would have me so accustomed to his presence that his absence would be terribly felt. This week I decided to commit myself to finding things to do when my man is away. I figure this probably will not be the last time our schedules conflict or that we’re apart for an extended period of time so I might as well learn to seamlessly deal with it.

Man is away 

1. Find a show to watch
I am a huge TV watcher and I’m very committed to a select few (more like 15) shows. The Boy loathes majority of these shows so this has been the perfect time to get caught up. I’ve even found myself seeking out new ones that have entire seasons available, perfect for binge watching. My two latest additions are Fuller House and Fixer Upper.

2. Find a hobby
What better time to discover something other than your man to love? Use this time to only worry about doing things that make you happy. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to knit or back in your single days you were a painter. Explore a new skill or fall in love with an old one. Royalty in Reality actually started as a hobby (LOL), but I quickly realized this was much more than something to do just to pass the time.

3. Hang out with the girls
I’ve gotten to see my mom 2 out of 4 nights this week and it would have been more if I didn’t have class. The Boy being away has been a great excuse for me to see her during the week. I’ve also gotten pretty lucky in that one of my close friends is home for spring break! I don’t have to worry about rushing home for “bae time” or what he’s going to eat for dinner.

4. Work a little longer
Having him away has allowed me to get a lot more work done. I find that when he’s home I have a tendency to not want to do any kind of work because I want to spend time with him. This week I’ve been able get a few extra things done for the blog, a HUGE chunk of school work, and put in extra hours at my full-time job.

5. Eat junk food
When The Boy is away dinner is usually wine and chips…some nights it may be ice cream and wine if I’m really feeling fancy (do you see the trend?). The Boy has our house on a mission to eat better, but without him keeping me on the straight and narrow I eat whatever I can get my hands on and doesn’t require me to do dishes.

6. Eat out
Pretty much the same reason as eating junk food applies here too. If he’s away, I’m not going to cook and create a whole mess in the kitchen that someone (i.e. him…lol jk) will have to clean. I typically like to eat out with my mom or one of the girls at restaurants he doesn’t care for, but I’m also fine with grabbing McDonalds before I binge watch tv.

7. Let the dog sleep in the bed
Somebody has to keep me warm at night right? Daisy sleeps in our bed every night because well as far as she knows it’s her bed too. She’s a total snuggle bug, but the heat from her 9lb body just doesn’t compare to The Boy’s. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution…Thor, our 80+lb pitbull boxer mix!

8. Read a book
Our house is super quiet when my man is away. I guess because I don’t have anyone to talk to. If I wasn’t so busy with school and the blog, I would totally be using the time to read a good book. Every week I stumble on another blogger’s book review and it pains me that I don’t have the time to enjoy a book myself.

9. Pamper yourself
You might as well give yourself a little TLC since you’re man isn’t around to do it. Grab a glass of wine and take a long hot bubble bath. I love to bring my ipad into the bathroom so I can watch a show at the same time. I also like to give myself facials, paint my toe nails, and go to bed early (a girl needs her beauty rest).

10. Shop
I have a natural tendency to shop when I’m bored. I can’t help but comb through the 7-10 emails from my favorite stores when I’m binge watching my favorite shows. It never fails that I’ll find something I love on sale and without The Boy home to tell me I probably shouldn’t buy ANOTHER purse, I throw caution to the wind and indulge.

I won’t lie, I’m really excited for his shift to go back to normal and our usual routine to get back in place. For all the people in long distance relationships or that have a partner frequently away for work, y’all are the real MVP. I take my hat off to you ladies and commend the way you hold down your home and continue thriving while your man is away. If your man is going away soon or you’re needing a little inspiration, I hope these 10 things to do when your man is away will help the time til you’re in your honey’s arms pass a little swifter.

How do you occupy your time when your man is away? What are your favorite things to do to make the time go by faster?




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25 comments on “10 Things to Do When Your Man is Away”

  1. Love this! When he goes away on business I’m like ooh let’s spend money. I need to just works more on getting my blog out there!

  2. Such great ideas, Roxy! A year ago my hubby and I had to be away for a year, we would see each other once in two weeks though, still it was the hardest time for me. The most I did was binge watch TV shows and spend time with friends. Its a different story when the better half is away for just a few days, then will totally take up on pamper self and shopping, haha.
    xx, Kusum |

  3. Haha I’m with Candy on that I feel like there is always something to do. But I do know often some people just sit around when their significant other is missing. I get bored unless I’m busy to be honest so I’m always going. LOL Pampering my self sounds like a good idea!
    Great list! 🙂

  4. Awesome list! My husband works out of town now and then, and I’ve had to learn to spend even more time by myself. I read a lot, blog a lot, write a lot, and watch all the girly shows I want!

  5. My hubby never leaves. LOL! But when he takes the kid out somewhere for a few hours, I definitely enjoy having the time to myself. I never run out of things to do alone.

  6. My husband has a weird work schedule and 7 nights a month, he works an overnight shift, so I have the house to myself (and our toddler). I stay up too late watching whatever I want on TV and let our son sleep in the “big bed” with me. I might miss my husband on those shifts, but it is nice to have some alone time!

  7. Soooo glad I came across this. My boyfriend is out of town now for a few days and I didn’t know what to do with myself when he left because we haven’t spent that many days apart in a very long time! Great post, I love these ideas, they came right on time!

  8. Okay I do do most of these things when the Man’s away, which is a lot. Apart from Eating Junk and Letting the dog sleep in our bed..well coz we don’t have one lol. And If we did she would still not sleep in my bed.

  9. At some point in a close relationship, it is a good thing to have some separate time as it helps us remember that life is more … family and friends are very important to completing the picture, and same for Me Time.

  10. Love this this! Watch a new show and shop is probably what I would do. Distance is always good for a relationship once in a while. It makes you miss and appreciate each other’s company.

  11. Well considering I have now been away from my honey for 12 days with 81 days left to go, I feel confident to leave my experience so far in hopes that it will help other. My guy is currently away in Europe with a 7 ahead hour time difference. The first few days were terrible for me. I’ll be honest I didn’t even want to go to work. All I did want to do was sit at home and pout and just be sad. Now, that isn’t so much the case. I surprisingly look forward to work. I find myself trying to keep my mind busy and not so focused on what my man is doing overseas. My biggest fear was communication. Here in the states my man’s, is so careless when it comes to his phone and his response time to texts is relaxed because he tends to be deeply invested in the things that are currently going on. Since he has relocated though we speak many times a day via FaceTime and he texts me constantly including sending pics, videos, and well wishes of how eager he is to be back in my presence. So far the experience has gone great, only because my partner has put in much effort to stay in touch and included in my life.

  12. So THIS is what you lovely ladies have up your sleeve when a man like me is gone on my monthly business trip? I can imagine the things I don’t know my wife is doing such as these haha! But in all honesty, she works hard too and I can be too orderly at times, so maybe some time away and pampering to herself is really what she needs at the end of the day. I won’t hesitate to forward her this amazing post!

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