Unless you’re new here, it’s no secret that I am NOT a beauty blogger. I never thought I’d use the phrase low-maintenance to describe myself, but when it comes to my beauty routines I think that’s the perfect way to describe them. Since becoming a blogger, I’ve made an effort to wear makeup at least on the weekends or if I have an event/photoshoot. If I’m being honest 9 times out of 10, I’m rocking my bare face, but that doesn’t mean I’m not using products to put my best face forward. If you’re like me and just too lazy to be bothered with makeup every morning, this lazy girl’s guide to a morning beauty routine is perfect for you!
This lazy girl's guide to a morning beauty routine will help your skin look so smooth and radiant you won't even want to wear makeup!

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Morning Beauty Routine

I’m already chronically late for EVERYTHING, so I simply don’t have the time to put make up on in the morning. Instead, I put my effort into maintaining smooth, radiant skin, with the following routine:

  1. Wash My face. Every morning I use one of 3-4 face washes we keep in the shower. I’ve noticed that when I use the same one every day, my face seems to get used to it and becomes less effective. So instead I rotate through 3-4.
  2. Apply Eye Cream. As I’ve gotten older, the skin darken around my eyes has gotten more noticeable and I figure I should try to fix it now before it gets too bad. So after the shower, I immediately apply an eye cream. For the past two weeks, I’ve been using a sample of Origins Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF that I received in an Influenster box. Let me tell you guys, this stuff is magic! A little goes a long way with this product. All you need is a drop for both eyes and with daily application you’ll quickly see results!
  3. Apply Cocoa Butter to Dark Spots. I hate when acne leaves behind scars! While I’m not typically prone to a lot of acne, I have had a few dark marks left behind by pesky pimples. My go-to product to get rid of such marks is The Yellow Stick of 100% Cocoa Butter by Cococare. I actually use cocoa butter for any and all dark marks on my body.
  4. Brush My Teeth. Does this really need an explanation?
  5. Scrub and Moisturize My Lips. I swear it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, my lips are bound to be chapped. I don’t do the best job of moisturizing my lips throughout the day, so I try to be sure to at least start the day off right. I use the Mint Julips Lip Scrub by LUSH to rid my lips of dead skin and buff them back smooth. I follow this up with the Passion Fruit Lip Balm by LUSH for instant moisture and shine. Similar to the Age-Defense Eye Cream, you do not have to use a lot of product to achieve the desired goal.
  6. Moisturize my Face. Now that my eye cream and cocoa butter have had a few minutes to soak in, I use Pond’s Dry Skin Cream all over my face. It has a super fresh smell and keeps my face smooth and hydrated ALL day. Sometimes, when I use too much, my face is a little shiny/oily looking, but otherwise this moisturizer is awesome!

morning beauty routine

The one thing most beauty mavens will notice is missing from my morning routine is toner. I’ve found that toner has a tendency to make my face REALLY REALLY dry, no matter what moisturizer I follow it up with. I usually reserve my use of toner for night time when I can apply a heavier moisturizer or if I’ve been wearing a TON of makeup lately (which for me means two days in a row). If I’m running on-time or have something important going on at work, I swap my pond’s out for Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, a tinted hydrating moisturizer. It gives me very light foundation-like coverage while also hydrating my skin. When I go this route, I complete my look with a little mascara and I’m out the door!

What’s your morning beauty routine? Are you a lazy girl (like me) or are you a beauty guru? What are your favorite beauty products?


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18 comments on “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Morning Beauty Routine”

  1. For me I wash with water, moisturise and then put on very light, pretty much no makeup makeup (eyebrows, mascara, concealer, powder). I know what you mean about facewash becoming less effective, I thought it was just my skin that did that! I’ll have to try your tip of rotating through 3 or 4 cleansers.

  2. Why has it never occurred to me to wash my face in the shower? Thank you for giving me back an extra five minutes in the morning. I really need them! Also, cocoa butter comes in a stick? I’ve totally been missing out!

  3. I am a lazy girl in the morning when it comes to skin care! I am working on it but it is a tough habit to break. I love how simple your skincare is.

  4. Lol, not going to lie. All I do is roll out of bed, pick put my clothes throw them on brush my teeth and leave. It also might have to do with the fact that I’m living at my parents’ and don’t have a place to get ready for myself in the morning.

    I’ll definitely be taking some of these ideas though to add to my morning routine.

  5. This is a great quick and clean morning routine. Sometimes less is more and looking at your other photos, the skincare routine is paying off. As a bit of an aside, I cannot use cocoa butter. I swear I’m the only black person who is allergic to it. lol!

    Aitza B | petitelypackaged.com

  6. Hey Roxy,

    I loved this post, I actually came across it on Pinterest earlier this week. I am so lazy I can’t even be bothered to have a beauty routine. Right now I’m just trying to stay hydrated.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Ooh, I need to try putting cocoa butter to may dark spots! This is definitely a quick and easy morning routine 🙂

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