When I was a teenager, I definitely thought my mom was trying to ruin my life. Our most memorable rift was over a boy (duh) I just knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He was the literally the boy next door and represented everything the boys at my boring private school did not. He was older, had “street cred”, was adorably shy, and man was he handsome. At first, even my mom couldn’t get enough of the boy next door, but eventually his bad boy ways caught up to our fairytale romance. She banned me from any and all communication and told us both she had no problem burying us in the backyard because she’d kill us both before the relationship carried on. I vividly remember being “heartbroken” and calling myself being sneaky so that we could carry on this secret love affair. Eventually, he messed up even more and I realized that my mom had been right all along. He was indeed really handsome and had a sweet personality, but his life choices were not those of a man I should spend my life with. Mom-1, Roxy-0.

Rams 2015 home opener

Now let’s skip to the end of senior year, I’m all excited because I’m months away from graduating from an elite St. Louis high school and heading off to The U that fall. Like most eager seniors, I was busy accepting Facebook friend request from other new UM students, hoping to get a start on a sense of social belonging. Two boys caught my attention and a summer of phone calls and texts quickly ensued. By the third week of classes at UM, I already had my first college boyfriend. My mom warned me that this was a TERRIBLE plan and that I should spend some time checking out all the options before selecting one. But what did she know, this down south country boy was everything the boy next door wasn’t, how could he possibly be a bad choice. Three years, many fights, broken promises, lots of tears, and a situation in which all his clothes got thrown away (another blog post for another day, lol) later, I realize my mom was right. My down south country boy was not a bad choice, but given the novelty of college, our conflicting personalities, and many instances of selfishness this relationship was doomed from the start. Perhaps we would have done well together toward the end of college, but barring no complaints that ship has sailed. Mom-2, Roxy-0.

Our inherited favorite past time, shopping!

My mom gives me a lot of advice outside of the love category and as I get older I find that she always hits the nail on the head. She has an uncanny way of recognize people and situations that aren’t going to suit me in the long run, but like a fool I always feel the need to find out for myself. But honestly, that’s what makes my mom so great. She never withholds her opinion, but allows me to learn lessons for myself, and when things don’t work out she’s right there with tissues, cuddles, a gun (jk) ready to kill whoever has hurt me, and never giving me an “I told you so speech”.  She probably doesn’t know it, but I carry all of her advice with me every day and know that no matter how great my friends, she’ll always be the best one.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten from your mom?



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  1. Best piece of advice my mom has ever given me was to never give up! Never! What’s meant for me will come. It may not happen as quickly as it happens for others, but it will.

  2. I totally agree with this. Mommy does always know best. I tried to fight it for a while, but now I’ve just accepted that no one knows me like my mom and no one will ever have my best interests at heart the way that she does.


    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. There is just something about the way moms can detect who should and should not be in your life long before you’ve had any conflict with that person! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that started off fight, but has since given in to an inevitable realization!


  3. My mom is my best friend. Though she stays at different continent but I daily speak to her on Skype. She has given me so many wisdom words throughout my life but most important is -Never Give Up.

    • That’s so amazing to hear that you and your mom have been able to maintain your closeness despite being so far from one another. Kudos to you both for making each other a priority and skyping every day. Never give up is great advice that you should definitely pass on to your future children!


  4. Aaaaahhh what an amazing testimony to Love of a mother and of course the great job she did Roxy. Look at how you turned out…not bad huh!

    My MOm simply said spare the rod and spoil the child lol and did I get it if I made any silly life choices…yet she was there as well. with the cuddles and the “I told you so” teheheeee… I miss her so much sometimes It hurts physically.

    I Literally physically stop myself telling my children the same and I definitely have no time for the rod…I got more than enough for my children. We talk, we discuss I withhold the treats things get done..End of story 🙂 Mothers rock! Thanks for sharing yours with us Roxy, you ladies are gorgeous!

  5. She had no problem burying you both in the backyard!!! Bawhahaha!!! Too funny 🙂 My parents didn’t really give me too much advice, but they always made me focus on school and work. I’m glad they did because I have an excellent work ethic now and the older I get the more I realize not everyone has a good work ethic. I always tell them I appreciate how hard they pushed me!

  6. Mom is the best creature God has ever created. She knows everything. I stay far from my mother (there are two continents in between us) but whenever I call her, she gets to know how I am through the voice tone of my ‘Hello’. That’s what the moms are, the most beautiful persons on earth and our boosters in happiness and sadness.

  7. I love this post. Ive had my fair share of moments when I realized that my mom was so right and it makes me so grateful to have her. The best piece of advice she ever gave me was to never limit myself or let circumstances define me.

  8. My mom’s best advice for me : Don’t be an impulsive shopper. Think twice before you buy anything. This has saved me a lot of money 🙂

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