Alright, you’ve read the title ‘3 Ways Owning a Dog Prepares You For Parenthood’ and I know what you’re thinking; “Roxy has totally lost her mind by comparing four legged creatures to growing and thriving children”, but stick with me for a minute. I’m not a mom (yet), but being a blogger has caused me to read a ton parenting blogs on everything from potty training to dealing with an empty nest. Particularly when I’m reading posts about being a parent to children under the age of 5, I find myself empathizing with these parents not because of my experience as a child care provider, but because of my experience as a pet owner.

As all of you probably know by now, Daisy, our little white dog, gave us quite a scare last week when my mom called me and reported she was vomiting, drooling, and her body was going completely stiff. After several stressful days and lots of dollars later, we’ve learned she has little white dog shaker syndrome and will more than likely be on medication for the rest of her life to keep it under control. Before we received her diagnosis and prognosis, we basically completely rearranged our lives to meet her new needs. Now that things have somewhat settled down, I’m able to reflect on last week and I realize it was basically a crash course in what I think parenthood will be like. I’ve come up with three ways owning a dog will prepare you for parenthood:

Do you have a dog and are thinking about having a baby? Here are 3 ways owning a dog has gotten you ready for parenthood.

3 Ways Owning a Dog will Prepare You For Parenthood

  1. They are expensive. I think it’s easy to forget or not realize how expensive a dog can be. Dog food, their wellness plan, and grooming easily puts our monthly dog expense close to $200. If your dog requires any medical attention you will easily spend hundreds, maybe even thousands. Undoubtedly, babies are probably more expensive and those of you that are parents are probably reading this and thinking “man I spend $200/month on diapers alone”, but when you’re on a budget and don’t have children that’s definitely money that could be going other places.
  2. “Me time” is non-existent. Almost every parent I know goes on and on about not being able to remember the last time they used the bathroom alone. While Thor and Daisy may not be able to ask me embarrassing questions, please believe their little wet noses are all up in the mix. Whether I’m working on my computer or trying to put on lotion, there are a pair of eyes, soft tongue, or big head on me.
  3. You are ALWAYS cleaning up after them. Most dog owners can attest to their fur baby often times being mischievous. Whether it’s shredding a piece of paper, spreading the trash throughout the house, or wetting the bed (thx for this Daisy), as a dog owner you are going to be cleaning up your fair share of messes. As I childcare provider I’ve seen the havoc children can wreak on a living room and have had the unfortunate joy of cleaning up those messes. So I know with parenthood will come CONSTANT cleaning.

I’m sure there are several more ways owning a dog prepares you for parenthood. For instance, you are solely responsible for a whole other life and must make potentially life changing decisions for them. I am also certain there are many things about parenthood owning a dog could never teach you. After sleepless nights, many tears of worry, making hard decisions regarding her care, and our guest room being relocated to the living room to keep Daisy off the steps, one last thing I am certain of is that I’m not ready for parenthood yet. I can’t even begin to imagine the ways the things I mentioned will be magnified when a little human princess or princess arrives on the scene because I can barely handle the curve balls my fur babies hurl at me. For now, I think we will be sticking with our four-legged prince and princess.

Are Thor and Daisy preparing me well for parenthood? What are some lessons you’ve learned from your pets? What are some lessons you can only learn from parenthood?



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29 comments on “3 Ways Owning a Dog Prepares You For Parenthood”

  1. NEVER were truer words spoken! From the emotional investment into their well-being and all of the dirty jobs associated with them they become a massive part of the family. You get so protective and nurturing. Yes, yes, yes to all of this!

  2. These are things that ran through my head when my mom called me at 6:30 am Saturday morning to ask me if I wanted a puppy for my birthday. FYI I’m turning 28, not 5. People that have had animals for a long time don’t seem to remember that others aren’t ready for that financial responsibility.

  3. That’s part of the reason I don’t want to have kids. I hated having to be home by a certain time to let a dog out or to potty. Next time I have a dog, I want a yard and a 2 dogs so they have a playmate. Good post.

  4. My dogs are just like children. When Mia (9 month old labrador) had 50 days I wasn’t able to sleep more then 3 hours per night. Now things are different (thank God) but my two dogs take all my time. The point is…children grow up, pets are children forever! 🙂

  5. Amen to always cleaning up after them! That is what stops me from getting a dog is because I am cleaning up after three kids! 🙂 Great similarities!

  6. I agree! First off, so sorry that Daisy (and you) had to go through last week. It is rough when they are hurting and you can’t explain to them what’s going on. And expensive. Yikes!! How old are Daisy and Thor? I will say that my fur babe is now 10 1/2 , and although she still gets her mischevious spurts for the most part I get lots of Me-time now because it’s not like when she was 3 and under…which was crazy! haha

  7. Such a cute dog! This was a great post – I keep trying to tell people that pets are similar to having children. LOL

  8. So much yes to this. I find that I have soooo many dog toys laying around the home. I know that I baby my Bolt – but he’s a stepping stone for us and I hope we get there one day.

    If not then we are glad to have him in our family.

    I did have to giggle at this because I work in childcare so it’s so true.

  9. I don’t own a pet, but have a lot of friends that do. Owning a pet brings a lot of responsibility. I thought about having one, but I’m not 100% sure yet.

  10. Hahaha yes to all of this!!! My two furbabies definitely prepared me! I even think my furbabies are more demanding sometimes than my daughter lol

  11. My aunt has two dogs and with her kids at home, she barely has any time for herself. She has to pick up after the pets and the kids! The good thing is that she is good with planning her monthly budget! Great post!


  12. This is SO spot on! You’ve heard many of my dog parenting stories, so you know Nas is like a child in a lot of ways. Dogs are great practice. Thanks so much for participating in the Thursday Three Link-Up! I hope to see your post next week as well 🙂


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