Holiday Party Outfit Dilemma RESOLVED

Happy Holidays Royals! I hope you all have been enjoying this holiday season with your friends and family while enjoying much needed time off work. Last week I asked for your opinions on handling a holiday party outfit dilemma. I’m happy to report, my holiday party outfit dilemma has been resolved! In case you missed out on the first post, I was torn between three gorgeous dresses and turned to my fellow royals for some advice. I seriously cannot thank those of you who cast a vote either in the comments, on my Instagram page, or on my Facebook page enough. Not only did you all make picking a dress a little easier, but reading all of your compliments was like getting a Christmas gift from all of you. Without further ado, after reading all your comments, the dress I decided to wear to the Holiday party was…. (more…)

Holiday Party Outfit Dilemma – 3 Dresses, 1 Party

The week of Christmas is finally here! I somehow managed to get all of my shopping done this weekend and now it’s time to prepare for the BIG Christmas party we attend. My friend’s family hosts a beautiful annual party for all of their friends, family, and colleagues. Last year was the first year we were invited and I went in partially not knowing what to expect. What I did expect was for everyone to be dressed very nicely and luckily our attire fit in with what everyone else was wearing. We don’t attend fancy parties like this one often, so I decided this party would be my excuse to get a nice new dress every year. It’s a good problem to have, but I’m having a bit of a holiday party outfit dilemma. This year I have three equally amazing dresses to choose from and I need your help to pick the perfect one! (more…)

10 Inexpensive Winter Date Ideas

It seems as though majority of America is experiencing a pretty warm winter. Here in St. Louis, Missouri we are still seeing temps as high as 65 during the day but as low as mid 20’s at night. Even though we haven’t had any snow, we have had an abundance of rain and everything is dead and dreary. With the weather being so rainy, I feel even more restricted when trying to think of date ideas than when it’s simply cold and/or snowing. I can bundle up and brave the cold, but y’all know rain/humidity and being a naturalista just don’t mix. (more…)

How to Buy Christmas Gifts at the Last Minute and NOT go Broke

Let’s be real, if you still have Christmas shopping to do, you are officially behind and in the category of “last-minute shopping”. Don’t worry, I’m there too. I just started my shopping this past weekend and I still have quite a bit more to do. The holiday season can be really stressful for Royals on a tight budget. As I’ve gotten older, I really enjoy buying gifts for my family and now that I’m working, I can’t get way with a macaroni necklace for my mom (not that I even want to). It would be so easy to go to a really nice store and just buy the most expensive things I know those I’m giving gifts to would like, come home, wrap it up, and relish in the fact that it took my less than three hours to get my shopping done. Unfortunately, the way my bank account and bills are set up, this isn’t an option and I have to be much more strategic with my shopping. In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer I figured I’d share my personal game plan for buying Christmas gifts at the last-minute and not going broke! (more…)

The Royal Travel Guide to Cancun

Last week, we started The Boy’s birthday celebrations with a surprise dinner at Kobe’s Steakhouse with our family and friends in St. Louis. Ever since our first trip out of the country together to Punta Cana, we’ve both been excited to explore new countries and cultures together. A huge milestone, like turning 30, seemed like the perfect opportunity to add another stamp to our passports…plus who wouldn’t love to be on the beach in December? (more…)